[ GIVEAWAY] 50,000 Rupeez!

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  1. Well, to start off, I put this giveaway thread in the "Community Auctions" category, because I do not like cheating, and their won't be a number list. :)

    And moderators, if you feel this thread shouldn't belong in this category, please remove it if necessary, I only posted it in this specific category because I can't take a photo cap of the randomizer I am using.. (random.org)

    I am departing. This isn't a sappy "guudbai thread", I'll return another day.. Days, weeks, months, possibly years... I am just to caught up in high school, sports, and I am about to hike the entire Appalachin Trail. I just want to take a huge break.

    I will miss you all, I made some GOOD friends on EMC, and hopefully, when I return, that friendship will not be broken apart. <3

    I will miss these people the most : (sorry if I forgot you're name..) (List is in no particular order) 333Kirby, jaari, gremlindan, Crazy1800, AmusedStew, yankees518, talukegord, NoobofEpicness, battmeghs, aCookiegod, kevdudeman, SoulPunisher, TerryDaTerrorist, stephan9r9r, sqigglyjeff, Skilled_Creeper, RainbowChin, PandaEatsRamen, nickjwolfe, marknaaijer, lehmaqr, killerzone, lameidl, IamSaj, BobTheTomato9798, and adsingh.

    First place winner : 25,000 Rupees
    Second place winner : 15,000 Rupees
    Third place winner : 10,000 Rupees
    Fourth place winner : A signed book by me, saying anything you'd like the book to say in it. (3 pages minimum) (No rude/racial comments or curse words)
    Fifth place winner : 64 diamonds + 64 leather

    Thanks to all who supported me, gave me incouragement, and lots of EMC love...

    Extra rules : This will probably end in madness, so, when you are picking numbers, for example, use this format :
    1 or 2 or 3

    # 53 plz kthxbai

    When choosing winners, I will look all within the comments, and look for the VERY first number you choose, and whoever has that number and had the FIRST comment correspondingly to that number, will win 1st place-5th place

    Happy numbering! :)

    (If you'd like more details on why I am departing for a while, PM me, or post it on my profile page to continue the conversation)
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  3. Please follow the format correctly.
  4. I choose 1 or 2 or 3
  5. 26 woop
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  6. 25 or 50 or 75
    (Side note, I hope this'll work. Though I may not know you, I hope the best of your endeavors! :) )
  7. 13, 19, or 10 please :)
  8. Be back soon though!
  9. 20, 12, or 14
  10. Please follow the correct format!
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  11. 26, 18 or 33
  12. You're leaving too…:(

    I pick 42, 15, or 5.
    Shouldn't there be a cap on the numbers?
  13. sorry about that pig, thats right, right?
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  14. 23, 43 or 51 plz kthxbai
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  15. Thanks for the Shout out!!! 8, 38 or 58!
  16. I wish you didn't have to leave :'(
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  17. I will be browsing the forums hopefully daily, maybe visiting every week or so.
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