[Giveaway] 5 Year Art Giveaway

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  1. Hey!!

    So, on December 6th it will be my 5th year on Empire Minecraft (crazy, right?). To celebrate, anyone that comments will get a drawing of their choice from me, and one lucky winner will get a full body drawing with whatever they choose. All that time ago when I started, I had a long long art thread where I drew characters, so why not do the same now?
    (Examples of my art are Here)

    The drawing you ask for must be simple, and it will not be shaded! Minecraft skins work, so do animals, characters....anything really. It's up to you! But no time limits, since this is all going to be in my own time. If you win the large drawing, whatever you ask for will be that large drawing, so choose carefully!

    I'll stop taking requests and announce the winner on December 6th (or very shortly after) Now closing on December 10th!
    If you don't want a drawing and you don't want to enter, just mention it and it's fine!

    Thank you EMC, and good luck!
  2. First! :D
    Draw Piwi, of course. :3
    In a more neutral state, not themed like my current profile picture. But you're one of the few people who've got access to multiple full-res images... c: (sssh, it's a secret)
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  3. Can I have a drawing of my Minecraft Character please :)

    Congrats Also on 5 years!
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  4. I wasnt going to start any art until the 6th buuut...
    I couldnt get the arms or tiny feet to look right, but It's so cute ;;

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  5. Aaah, thank you!! <3
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  6. Those drawings look great. It would be amazing if you could ,make a drawing of my Minecraft Character Skin please.
    Congratulations for 5 years of this amazing server and hope to see you around for another 5 years :D

    Thanks for this Giveaway :)
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  7. I'm building a collection! :D
  8. Hello its me, here to bump the thread
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  10. I would love to have my minecraft skin drawn :) Grats on 5 years!
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  11. Congrats on 5 years! Could you please draw me an orange colored cat? =)
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  12. I would love a drawing of a kawaii type pony if possible! I have horses in real life and I adore them! Your drawings are totally cute!
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  13. Could I get a sketch of a slowking (pokemon) with a knights armour on (no helmet) and a gold crown, I it can be based off my MC skin. Thanks in advance!
  14. Bump! I will be drawing the winner tonight!
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  15. My skin drawn would be super awesome! Thanks for the giveaway :) (I hope I'm not too late)
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