[GIVEAWAY] 200th day on EMC!

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  1. Ok so, guys it is my 200th day on emc! yayyy! well in a couple days, but i will be having a giveaway for 5k! Free rupees! So i will have 20 slots, and you guys pick a slot from 1-20 and ill put your name in a slot, ill be choosing the winner when its actually my 200th day (3 days left) or when the slots are filled, what ever comes first, Also if the slots aren't filled by my 200th day ill still do the winner.

    I also met alot of awesome freinds on the way! I'd like to thank for making it fun for me on EMC :)

    Xro_1231, FDNY21, Big_al_the_great(banned), SKVLLFAC3, Nilex92, Moemaczap, Hallandr721, Wolffpack58, ants4235 , Warriornerd, MrUnknownian and all the mods! Sorry if i didnt include your name i cant remeber all these name :p But thanks to all!

    And here are the #!

    1: Skvllfac3
    2: FDNY21
    3: Kippy159
    5: marine4121
    6: TomvanWijnen
    7: NetherWorld666
    8: Sweetie_Pea
    9: Lukas3226
    10: lawrence0263
    11: OrigamiJoe
    13: Wolfthunderblade
    14: Elysphic
    15: Panda_Paradise
    16: generalfelino015
    17: Qwerty189
    18: runtaylorun1
    19: MrUnknownian
    20: Nilex92

    Also, please dont say "can i have any number" Please say a specific number and also dont forget to says thanks :D Also be free to ask me any questions! As long as there appropriate! Good luck! Also you can NOT use alts!
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  2. Number 2 please! I hope you have enjoyed your time, and enjoy your time to come :) ~FDNY21
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  3. 16, and congratz on getting 200 days in EMC :D
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  4. for me the number 10 plzz
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  5. Grats mate ;-)
    Lets take 20 cus thats my age :')

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  6. 7.
    Congrats on 2 hundred, I'm on a mere 2 months :p
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  7. 11 please, grats on 200
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  8. 18 and congratzzzz!!!!
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  9. 14 congratz
  10. congratz on 200 days! Number 9 please :)
  11. 8 please! And congratulations! :D

    Edit: Whoopee! This is my 800th post! :D
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  12. 15 please!
    Congrats on your 200th day! :D
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  13. 13 pl0x

    thx and congratz

    Shady manatee says: 200 days on EMC; a wise choice, my good man
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  14. nice! 200 days! number 1 plz
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  15. I was going to do 7, then 13, then 1, so um 19 :D lol
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  16. 5 please :)
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  17. 3. Thanks and congratz on 200!
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  18. Congrats on 200 days :)
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  19. 6 please. Congratz on 200 days!
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