[GIVEAWAY] 15 Followers on Mixer!

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  1. Well.... Don't know what else to say :eek:
    I hit 15 followers on mixer (as some of u may know I started streaming!)
    So for hitting 15 followers I just wanted to say thank you to the EMC community for helping me get started!

    I know it's not many but it's a start and I'm appreciative!

    How to enter
    Comment a number between 1-50 and on the next stream I'll use random.org to get a number
    and give away the prize to the closest person! :rolleyes:

    Taken Numbers

    2 Notch Apples
    1 Diamond Block
    2 Name Tags
    and an Exclusive Signed book only for stream giveaways signed by my alt TurtleBOTx
  2. congrats, mate! can i get 3 please?
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  3. Follo
    wers are fun cause you can pretend to be Lord Voldemort and they can be your Death Eaters. I'll take 17 please.
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  4. Can I take 16 please? I watched the stream and it was epic :D
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  5. Drawing will take place on tonight's stream! :eek: Get your numbers in now!
  6. Oh cool I will take 7
  7. Closed here at 8:30 PM!
  8. Winning Number was 17 AncientTower Managed to guess exact!
  9. Dang, thanks! I'm on a roll this month with giveaways and it has put a smile on my face. Good stream tonight.
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