[Giveaway] 140k of Senior Staff Services !

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by cadgamer101, Sep 3, 2014.

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  1. Update: Complete
    Winners Announced Here.

    Do you know about Senior Staff Services ?

    Here are details:

    Well, I am a big fan, and our Sr. Staff does a great job, and I decided to do a giveaway so some people can win some free Senior Staff Services, and more people can learn about these great services.

    Here are the giveaway details...

    I will be giving away 4 Free Sr. Staff Services packages to 4 different players, chosen by random.org.

    Here are the packages (140,000 r value in total, divided into 4 winners as shown):
    A. 60 k package (can be a res dirt removal or 3 res biome changes for example)*
    B. 40 k package (can be 4 road edits or 2 res biome changes for example)*
    C. 20 k package (can be a res biome change or 2 street edits for example)*
    D. 20 k package (can be a res biome change or 2 street edits for example)*
    * Does not matter what service you get, but I pay the amount indicated.

    Reply for your One entry per person (no alts), (you can reply more than once, but it will not help or hurt your chances).
    This is open to all players, which includes moderators.
    Please do not post with banned accounts, because they will not be entered into random.org.
    You have 2 days from this post to sign up by posting, once, below.
    The 4 winners will be chosen by random.org.
    So, all you have to do to enter is reply once to this thread.
    Also, because of how this works, by posting here, you agree that if you win, you will use your Free Sr. Staff Service within 30 days of winning.

    In case you are curious, what Sr. Staff approved is that I can have this giveaway, and the winners get the Sr. Staff Services, and the rupees will be deducted from my account, instead of their account, so that is how I can do this giveaway, I will pay for the winners Sr. Staff Services.

    And, I have used Sr. Staff Services a lot, and I like the results.
    I know several other players have as well.
    There are some impressive street edits, and res wall edits, etc.
    Feel free to post pictures/stories of your sweet Sr. Staff Service edits.

    P.S. Thank you to all the players that helped me earn rupees to give away :).


    Update: Complete
    Winners Announced Here.

  2. Cool, count me in :D
  3. I would enjoy having a senior staff service done for free so, count me in =) Also thanks for doing this :D
  4. Thanks for this!
  5. Count we in I got some biome changing to do :)
    Ty for the give away I really appreciate it
  6. :eek: count me in fo sure
  7. I just need the road changes for my Tri-Res Roller Coaster and a massive event coming soon...
  8. Sounds good!
  9. Count me in c:
  10. Count me in :)
  11. yayy thanks soo much i was thinking of doing a biome change
  12. Yo soy el Rey de México. ;)
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  13. This is awesome! Thanks for setting it up Cad! Count me in!
  14. Thanks man
    sign me up
  15. thanks cad! Sign me up :)
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