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  1. Almost one year ago, on January 16, 2012, I joined EMC. Just 13 days from the time you are reading this, I will be celebrating my one-year anniversary playing on Empire Minecraft. To commemorate this special event, I am holding a giveaway! (Yay! Money!) [This starts tomorrow, so I don't want any messages before 12 AM PST on January 4th 2013.]

    The '12 Days of Secret' Giveaway

    Here's how it works. If you want to participate in the giveaway, send me a PM, but NOT YET. Depending on the order of your first message to me, you will be assigned a number. (e.g. first message is assigned 1, second is 2, etc) You CANNOT be assigned more than one number. However, and this is the fun part, your number can be entered multiple times. Think of it like slips of paper in a hat or bowl. Now, let me tell you HOW you can enter your number multiple times. There are a few ways to do this:

    - Vote for the Empire
    Yeah, you read that right. One of the easiest ways to give yourself a solid chance in this giveaway is to vote for the Empire each day between tomorrow, January 4th, and January 16th. (You CAN vote on the 16th, but not after.) Just vote on minestatus.net, send me a screenshot (with the timestamp), and you will be given another entry. (for each vote, you will be given TWO, not one, entries.) You can reach EMC's minestatus page here.

    - Answer a bunch of random questions:
    So, the next way to get more entries is to answer the series of questions below. For each correct answer, you will be given one more entry. Don't worry, there will be a lot of questions; some questions you just won't be able to answer, don't panic or freak out. Just take your best guess and move on to the next question.

    - Donate
    Now, this definitely sounds shady. Trust me, I don't want anybody paying their way to the grand prize, so, everyone gets 1 extra entry for any amount donated ABOVE 1000r. If you don't actually have 1000r but you still want to donate, feel free, but you just won't get an entry for your donation. PLEASE, if you are going to donate, please message me so, and do so by January 15th. Any donations after that will not count towards an entry. ALL MONEY DONATED WILL GO TO PRIZE MONEY. I won't be keeping anjy donations for myself.

    You can donate ANY in-game item to the prize pool. (For obvious reasons, you can't donate real items.) Donating items, however, will not get you more entries, although it is encouraged if you don't want to donate your cold hard cash. If you want to donate items, just tell me so in the initial PM, and tell me when you plan to drop them off. I will set up an access chest at 3003 (SMP2) and you can drop them there.


    The Prize System

    Current Prize Pool:
    - 20,000 rupees
    - Unused Unbreaking III Fortune III Efficiency IV Pickaxe
    - Unused Unbreaking III Efficiency III Pickaxe
    - Unused Fortune III Efficiency IV Pickaxe
    - Unused Unbreaking III Fortune II Efficiency IV Pickaxe
    - Unused Fortune III Pickase
    - Unused Efficiency III Pickaxe

    At this point in time, I have about 20,000 rupees. I will be using this as the STARTING prize for this giveaway (along with some enchanted picks) but I am REALLY looking for donations here. (hence the Donate section above.) There will be three prize winners: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The prizes will be distributed as follows:

    Grand Prize Winner
    - Half of the prize money
    - 1 Unbreaking III Fortune III Efficiency IV Pickaxe
    - 1 Unbreaking III Efficiency III Pickaxe

    Second Place
    - One third of the prize money
    - 1 Unbreaking III Fortune II Efficiency IV Pickaxe
    - 1 Fortune III Efficiency IV Pickaxe

    Third Place
    - One sixth of the prize money
    - 1 Fortune III Pickaxe
    - 1 Efficiency III Pickaxe

    How to Enter:
    Vote for EMC on minestatus.net, take a screenshot, and answer the questions below. The first message should look like this:

    If you don't know how to attach a photo to a PM, here's how:
    1) Go to imgur.com
    2) Click the 'Upload' button in the top left corner
    3) Click 'Browse Computer'
    4) Upload your photo
    5) Once your photo is on imgur, right click it and select 'Copy Image URL'
    6) Navigate back to your conversation and click the tree in the toolbar
    7) Paste the URL into the text field, and click 'Insert'

    I'm an idiot. I forgot the questions. *head smack*
    They're in the post below.

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  2. Wow. Pretty colors above.


    1. What is my favorite color?
    2. What is my ethnicity? (you don't get extra points for getting extra detailed)
    3. What color should my tie be?
    4. Where was my original shop?
    5. What 'District' was this shop in?
    6. How tall am I?
    7. What city and state do I live in?
    8. How many fingers do I have?
    9. Why did the chicken cross the road?
    10. What is my favorite food?
    11. What is my favorite flavor of ice cream?
    12. What is my facebook URL?
    13. What is my school color?
    14. Name the three NFL teams that play in California.
    15. Name the city where the New England Patriots played the St. Louis Rams this year.
    16. Name the main reason (it's a person) why Chris Paul isn't a Laker.
    17. What makes Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison, among others, famous?
    18. Which football (not American football) player has the most all time goals?
    19. Name one player on the LA Kings 2012 championship team.
    20. Name the best SOPHOMORE in the NBA right now.
    21. Who owns the Los Angeles dodgers?
    22. What is 1+1?
    23. What is 13x13?
    24. What is log(1000)?
    25. What is ln(20.09)
    26. Write out and balance the following chemical equation:
    Aqueous Potassium Hydroxide reacts with Nitric Acid to form Potassium Nitrate and water
    27. Name the current governor of Massachusetts.
    28. What is my dog's name?
    29. What is my cat's name?
    30. What is my favorite fruit?
    31. How do you fly?
    32. What is my real name?
    33. What is my middle name?
    34. What two sports do I primarily play?
    35. I have a baseball bobblehead on my desk. Who is it?
    36. What is my favorite soda?
    37. What is my favorite NFL team?
    38. What is my favorite song?
    39. What is my favorite movie?
    40. What is my favorite NBA team?
    41. Who is my favorite NBA rookie?
    42. What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
    43. What was easy about the last question?
    44. What book are we talking about here?
    45. Who's there?
    46. On a scale of 1 to 10, how frustrated are you with these questions?
    47. Who is my favorite player in the NFL?
    48. What is my favorite college team? (think parties and animals)
    49. Name 3 of Shakespeare's plays.
    50. Who is my favorite musical artist?
    51. What song am I listening to at the time of this writing?
    52. Adidas or Nike?
    53. Apple or Microsoft?
    54. iPhone or Android?
    55. Strawberry or banana?
    56. Apple or orange?
    57. Who will win the NCAA final four this year?
    58. Name the seven continents.
    59. Name the eight planets.
    60. Name the 12 Olympian Gods.
    61. Translate those 12 gods to their roman names.


    62. The Rose Bowl is in Altadena.
    63. My cat will only eat cat food, bacon, and fried eggs.
    64. I once hugged a bear.
    65. My suit used to be white.
    66. I am not an audiophile.
    67. I own an Android phone.
    68. I use my Android phone on a regular basis.
    69. I can speak English, Spanish, and Mandarin.
    70. My username is derived from As Secret As Necks.
    71. My friend thinks my username is SecretSnacks.
    72. Said friend's favorite animal is a badger.
    73. I cannot stand mushrooms.
    74. I cannot stand romantic movies.
    75. I am a huge Led Zeppelin fan.
    76. My mile time is 5:35.
    77. Siesta means 'party' in Spanish.
    78. I have over 2,000 songs on my mp3 player.
    79. The exact number of songs on my computer totals the current year.
    80. A village in France was believed to be the only safe haven on 12/21/12 (or 21/12/12)
    81. In the movie 'Ted', Mark Wahlberg plays a responsible 35 year old whose only friends are his girlfriend and a teddy bear.
    82. 'Airplane!' is the funniest movie I have ever seen.
    83. The car I drive is a BMW.

    Using Google to answer these questions is discouraged, but not prohibited. Trust me, it feels a lot better if you win because you knew the answers rather than if you win because you didn't know and you compensated by using Google.

    Go Amurica.
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  3. [Not an entry] Did you just complement your own thread as if you were another person?
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  4. Awesome! Can't wait. Woof
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  5. Looks pretty cool.I would donate an Empire Firework but with the vault thing it wouldn't
    really work.

    Also... Dumb question that was probably missed in my initial reading: We answer the questions here in this thread right?
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  6. So do we send all the screenshots at once, or send them each day?
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  7. Well, I would join, but I got lost somewhere around "Vote for Empire" :p
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  8. Each day. Just reply to the conversation you've already started. And you get credit for each vote, so you don't HAVE to vote every day, but it gives you a better chance.

    You send the answers in in the PM. Don't answer them here; everyone else can see them :)

    I wasn't necessarily complementing my own thread, just pointing out the abundance of color.
  9. I already finished lol - so how much longer for 12 am pst? ... imma guess 8 hours maybe?
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  10. Can the questions be answered by mutiple people?
  11. What do you mean?
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  12. If I answer a question right at relivaly the same time as someone else, do both people get points?
  13. Hey, do we have to do all of the questions in one day, or could we spread out answering them over the first couple days?
  14. I feel like some of those questions may have something to do with your school work.
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  15. Most of them, haha.

    So, I'd really prefer if all the answers are in the original PM, but they can be in a different PM. What I don't want you to do is spread them out over multiple messages, that makes things difficult, so you can do them a few at a time, and submit them all when you're done. Everything has to be done by the 16th, of course.

    You're not all answering the questions on this thread; you're sending the answers to me privately via PM. And you cannot collaborate with others to get the right answers.

    Oh, and by the way, you can guess my personal info. No need to say "well I don't wanna stalk". As long as it's a guess and I don't look up and see you outside my window, we're good.
  16. i just went ahead and did them all :p i had to do all these - and about 2-3 hundred questions on my '300 day question thread' ... so i've just been doing them all day lolz :p
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  17. Okay, um...
    If you've already done the questions, I just realized a mistake. Question 14 should be three teams, not two. I changed it up there, and if you've already done your questions, you should check that. If you're one of the people who have already submitted, then just re-submit that question. Sorry about that.
  18. Hehe you're talking about me aren't you? I was just to lazy to find your address and fly my stealth jet into your backyard and set up all the cameras.
  19. If only the Prize Pool had 12 things... I would so make a 12 days of Giveaway song...