[Giveaway] 100 k rupees (you decide the split) [COMPLETE]

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How should the 100k prize rupees be split ?

Poll closed Nov 18, 2014.
1 Person wins 100k 23 vote(s) 31.1%
4 People win 25k 34 vote(s) 45.9%
10 People win 10k 11 vote(s) 14.9%
25 People win 4k 3 vote(s) 4.1%
100 People win 1k 3 vote(s) 4.1%
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  1. Update: Giveaway Complete.

    Time for a November giveaway...

    I want to thank the players that helped me earn rupees for another giveaway.

    This time, 100,000 rupees total will be given away.
    You decide the split with the Poll, above.
    The winner/winners will be chosen by random.org.

    Here are the rules....

    One post per person (no alts).
    This is open to all players, which includes moderators.
    Please do not post with banned accounts, because I will not be giving rupees to banned accounts.
    You have 3 day from this post to sign up by posting, once, below (poll will close at the same time).
    I will give away a total of 100 k in rupees (X r to Y players) chosen by random.org, using the Split that you decide in the poll above.
    So, all you have to do to enter is reply once to this thread.
    Please vote for how you want the rupees split up (1 winner gets 100k or 10 winners get 10k, etc).

    Thanks, and enjoy.

    Update: Giveaway Complete.
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  2. Thank you cadgamer101, I really appreciate this kind of generosity :)
  3. Thank you for the giveaway cad :)
  4. Thank you for this chance cadgamer, nice of you to be doing this kind of thing again :)
  5. I just noticed that my poll has a number pattern it reverses from 1 100 to 100 1, 4 25 and 25 4.
    Unintentional, but kind of cool, i guess.
    Thanks for voting.
  6. Ooh, this is different kind of giveaway. Thanks for doing this! :)
  7. Thanks for giving so much rupees away :)
  8. Thanks for doing this hope its a way for me to make some rupees :p
  9. Thanks for the Giveaway! You are Awesome!
  10. yayy thanks giveaways :D
  11. Awesome give-away! Thanks for doing this :)
  12. This post is fantabulous. That is all.
  13. Love what u did with the poll thanks for the give away
  14. Thanks for the give away!
  15. Thx cad this is a great giveaway!
  16. Thanks for yet another give away!
  17. Thank you for having another giveaway! :)
  18. Thanks for the Giveaway to the Comunity, Nice to see people give back to the comunity every once in a while.
  19. It is always fun just for the chance, Thanks...
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