[GIVEAWAY] 100 day Birthday!

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Have you seen my buying a skin thread?

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  1. Hello everyone one today i decided to /pinfo myself and just learned its my 100th days so how about a giveaway and a little bit about me
    lets go with the giveaway first

    When I got the Garry's mod and CS:S combo i got a CS:S guest pass in return this will let you play CS:S free for a couple of days(its no the best game but if you decide to get is you should get Garry's mod too) you have to be my steam friend to receive it so ill post that link later. So if you want this pick a # between 1 and 28 (I might add more if a lot of people want this)
    also ill draw 2 names the first gets to pick between the pass or a minecraft item (the minecraft item is my head)
    (CS:S stands for Counter Strike: Source its a shooting game)
    my steam profile url: http://steamcommunity.com/id/cjchamp4now/ I play Gmod TF2 and Dota2(kinda)

    3. deathconn
    4. enzler
    5. fivestar
    6. amazin swordfish
    7. general felino
    8. runtaylorrun1
    9. Dragonflame
    12. Jetfire
    13. Scytherkuro
    14. 607
    16. Wolfthunderblade
    17. Luckypat
    18. Amused stew
    21. boozle
    22. MasterMockery
    23. jeanzl2000
    24. kev20022
    25. creeper3845
    28. goofballbroker

    Now about me I'm a 15 year old that goes to a public High School in Missouri so if I curse or I appear to be rude or offensive thats why (im also no the best speller). my 100 days on this server has been great Ive never stuck with another server this long and I wish I had found this server earlier. If youve seen my auction you would know that I have joined a bit of a company to get me motivated to do stuff. If you need help or need something Im a nice guy and ill help (its just that I can be rude to people with the opposite beliefs of mine)
    thats about it ask questions or whatever (it would be really nice if someone gave me 3 vault vouchers)

    I suppose Ill choose a winner in a couple of days so post a #
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  2. happy 100th :D

    number 12 please
  3. any # please.

    Happy 100th.
  4. Happy 100th, 6 please
  5. ?Is that a reason?
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  6. The 100th hits you hard bro ;) 3 please?
  7. Happy 100th buddeh.
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  8. Happy 1oo days, 7 plz :D
  9. yep :p
    also remember that this is a guest pass for this game I believe it lasts for 3 days but its full access to the game during those 3 days
  10. happy 100th XD the Friday the #13th please
  11. Happy 100th :) 8 plz
  12. Happy 100th day!can I plz have 25?

    EDIT: If I win can I have some other EMC prize please?
  13. Lucky 17 plz!
    Happy 100 days!
  14. 28please. happy 100th
  15. I should of used anniversary instead of birthday
  16. is it just me or did that say any # before?
    whatever I added enough numbers to fulfill your request
  17. Btw whats CS:S??
  18. i edited the post to say what it is but its Counter Strike: Source its a shooting game