Give me building ideas

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  1. I've been rather stumped on what to build as of late, and I have no ideas. So I have come here to ask you people for building ideas. Just give me anything, ideas for rooms, shops, or builds, block pallets to use, blocks to include in my builds, etc.
  2. Airship? Clocktower? Worlds?!
  3. A giant Ultipede
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  4. Build an official EMC blimp!
  5. I was typing down a ton of ideas for you but then i fell in love with them. So now i'm keeping them, and i'm laughing now about it. I hope you find something to build. - CallMeTower
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  6. build the poop emoji
  7. Build an Skyscraper!
  8. i only really recommend this if you like mario... make a 1 block hole and make a tp sign. then put yellow wool over it and then 4 black around it. place 4 black wool on the black and break the first black wool. use that wool and put it on the other black wool.
  9. If you are crazy like me, build a small world which everything is to the side or upside-down. :p
  10. and you can put a chest with a book and quill with a message in it under the sign. make it say something like this: "You were shot to the floating armory."
  11. Start working on a farm, something you havn't done before and that would maybe challenge you and teach you something new, Like a type of mob farm e.g witch farm, gold farm, gaurdian farm something like that :)