Gimme your best smile :D

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  1. I feel sad now :oops:, gimme your best smile :) to make me smile.
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  2. :)

    I have no pictures, so that will have to do. :p
  3. thx :p
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  4. John-Prescott-imitates-Go-003.jpg
    I tried my best! xD /yes that isnt me, of course! =P
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  7. :) check out some Steve Greene videos on youtube he might put a smile back on your face.
  8. sure :)
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  9. i didnt know people were scared of smiling dogs. i just thought the picture was funny. and a bit derpy....
  10. Is it a dog with a human face?
  11. of course not. its a dog with a droopy face someone is holding up to look like its smiling. the dog looks to be spacing out, so he looks kinda dreamy... :p
  12. plz dont fight :oops:, just smile :D, even if its a weird doggy <_<
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  13. just googled dogs with human faces... wish i could unsee that D:
  14. *clap clap clap* Nice job

    That derpy dog creeps me out though. :p
  15. it makes me laugh, and at least i dont think your at the end of every computer who clicks that link, so it seems fine by me :p
  16. I don't mind it, I just thought it was the creepypasta thing, no worries. :)
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