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  1. You know what would be cool to be able to do? Buying a gift membership for another player. This way they could see how cool it is to get the extra benefits. This would increase the revenue on Empire because once that person has experienced the extra features, they are not going to want to lose them.
  2. I think jackbiggin once awarded gold(?) membership to the winner of his video contest, but he had to get it approved by icc, so it's happened before. I've also thought about this and I think it's a pretty good idea.
  3. Sounds great! buy me a membership!! :D
  4. It can kinda be done already - I won't say the full details to prevent people abusing it, but you can manually pay using Paypal with a note saying what account to add it too, supporter level, how long etc. It's not automatic, but pretty quick. You can PM IcecreamCow for more details on doing this.

    But I agree, a proper gifting system would be nice. :)
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  5. Yeah. If you can't get anything else for your friends birthday just get them Diamond for a month.
  6. Or Iron, because a lot of countries are in/coming out of recession :p
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  7. This is a good idea. But maybe make it a gift code...or we could have an iron supporter trial that lasts a week or two, and you can only have it once...
    I don't know xD
  8. I vote gift code, kinda like for minecraft, because it would be much easier to give than a note saying "check your computer". Nobody wants paper for Christmas gosh darnit! Maybe a "giftcode input" bar under upgrades or rupees tabs? And rupees might be able to be sent this way, but who am I to know? :p
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  9. That is a good idea.
  10. Rupee code generation would be such a good idea... The things I could do on the wiki with it...
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  11. Im so smart :p
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