Gift Giving at the Spawn

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  1. Everyone gather around the Christmas tree as Hash98 and myself will be giving out presents depending if you were naughty or nice. The date may change as I have it scheduled for the 25. I will keep everyone updated if the date may change. If you can, dress up for the event in a Christmas fashion. Hash98 will be Santa and I will be the lead elf. Only three people can sign up for helper elves as it is first come first serve. If you are picked as an elf, please dress LIKE an elf! If you are nice you get mainly some potions and a suprise gift from Santa but if are naughty, you get Coal!
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  2. What a great idea :)

    The type of players and events that make EMC so great. Great job guys !
    (even coal is cool, 4 torches, 8 chops or steaks, mmmmmm :D).

    But how can you say if someone was naughty/nice ? out of the hundreds of players?:confused:
  3. do the people reciving gifts have to dress chritmasy?
  4. My skin looks like a santa so i could be an little helper:D
  5. We will judge people if they have been naughty or nice by seeing if they have been banned recently. I already know several people who have been banned and will be receiving coal if they show up. Now, you don't have to dress Christmasy, it was a suggestion if you wanted to get into a more festive cheer. Plus, Santa(aka Hash98) will be giving surprise presents to those who dress up. Again, if you want to be a helper you MUST be an elf. We can have no other Santas. If you come I will be the lead elf in the Lewis from Yogscast elf. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  6. Another question.
    When on the day will it be?
    I mean everybody come from different regions and that means time differance.
  7. We will probably host it on the 25 but the day may change. We will notify everyone two days prior to the event. It will take place at 5 to 6 or 7 pm Eastern standard time. If you are late or miss it, no worries. You can simply message us about it and Santa and his elf will pay you a visit.
  8. The special event will be at gwormns res. We will decorate the pace with a Holiday Fashion. We will also build a huge tree and light it up with red stone, be there!
  9. This event is free. Later on, after the celebration, I will be going to peoples houses and giving them presents(or coal). If you wish to be a reindeer just dress up as one and come with me(Just Kidding!).Remember,if you don't show up at gwormns res, to leave a bucket of milk and a cookie!:)
  10. Hash means that the lighting of the non spawn christmas tree will be taken place at my res. the gift giving is still at the spawn
  11. The spawn meaning: My res....#922.
  12. there seems to be alot of confusion here.
  13. Hey i found a skin that could be used to pass out "naughty" gifts to players for what they did.
  14. Hmmm...What is the skin?
  15. ?
  16. It is a creeper Santa Claus, it could be used for the "naughty" players
  17. Lol, that is a good idea. Again sorry for the confusion. Hash98 and I are still working out the bugs. The LIGHTING of the gwormn tree will be at my res which is 822. The gift handing outing(?) will be at the tree at the Spawn. The creeper Santa Claus is a good idea and you can use it but there can be no other Santas. Again we are sorry for the confusion. If there are things that we need to tell you then we will post them.Merry Christmas:)( or Happy Hanukkah for some people:))
  18. What do you mean by your Christmas tree?
  19. The one that we are making in my res. We talked about this remember?
  20. may i suggest a parade when we go house to house and we could start at my res where i will have a giant sleigh

    it is res 2014 smp1 if anyone wants to donate red yellow or white wool along with wood gold block

    and please LOTS OF SHIERS