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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Spectral_King, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. i just feel i gotta say my opinion (im not trying to start a war of any kind) but those giant poster like things that look like all kinds of crap, like the one ones on my server that look like sonic, they are hideous.

    and it kind of destroys the feeling of the game, i mean; i'd rather look at giant dirt towers and walls.

    whats the point of them anyway?

    and is there any known way of requesting that my residence be moved... away from any of the things?
  2. You mean wool art/pixel art?
  3. i dont know what its called. they are hideous and very very tall.
  4. Can you take a picture of it?
  5. What server is your res on?
  6. We have a word for that, it's called deleting the thread lol.

    Yeah but srs now, your post left me very confused.
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  7. They're pixel art, and they're put there to be interesting to look at... the good ones at least. In my opinion, it's kind of cool to see them and look at all of the work and materials that went into them. If you're talking about the really bad ones that you might find around servers sometimes, then I can see where your argument is reasonable.

    About the res being moved, you could just unclaim the res you have now and then claim one somewhere else.
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  8. smp8
  9. Oh, I thought he said thread, not residence.
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  10. im a horrible builder, what i have took me forever and very hard work (+ the occasional hire for extra help)
  11. That, is wool art. People make it because they like it. There is come good wool art on smp7. But I think that is good.
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  12. Tiny Minecraft is tiny.
    But that's PIxel Art! :) It's awesome.
    And that one, even more so.

  13. So you want us to ban wool art, which people put time, money, and effort into?
  14. they should regulate it, they shouldve made a server specifically for it, it just dosent look or feel like minecraft. in fact to me it looks like they used a mod to make it (and probably did)
  15. Some people are just really good.
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  16. i don't want to sound mean, but i usually do when i tell someone something, which is why i either have a lot of people that like me, and don't like me,

    you're probably going to have to deal with it, because someone made that, someone likes those, just because you don't, doesn't mean you have to bash them,

    this is the one on my res, its a hell of a lot bigger than that one, everyone who sees it says its awesome, well, who wouldn't think batman was awesome. lmfao. but seriously. either make a wall around your res so you can't see other res's next to you, or unclaim the res and go elsewhere. but even that wont solve it, because someone else is bound to have it too. :mad: and the mods wont move your res, because that is your opinion that those are "ugly" they can't move a res, it is your job to move your own things.

    ...... you can't use a mod to make wool art. you're really starting to make me mad.
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  17. lol dosent matter, i could understand if this was multiplayer legos or microsoft paint. but it just dosent seem to fit or look right in this game :/.
    i didnt say ban...

  18. Sorry to break the news to you, but how does something FEEL like Minecraft? Last time I checked, Minecraft is about building anything that you can, which includes wool art. Also, how would you know they used a mod.
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  19. They are just that, works of art. Created by hand with NO MODS.
    2012-06-28_03.57.43.png 2012-06-30_05.08.39.png 2012-09-01_00.49.37.png
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