Giant Mob Trap.

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  1. Well, On SMP1 there is a Huge Place where people can get drops/XP called the Octohedron Of Oblivion, well, i've noticed that smp2 doesnt have anything Unique to itself so i have taken it upon myself and taken inspiration from Smp1 and made this : 2011-12-24_16.34.29.png
    If you Want to Visit this Obviously its on Smp2 the Co-Ordinates are : -380 , 150
    Mob Trap.jpg
  2. im on a mac so i dont know how to get coords. we definitely need one but lined with obsidian!
  3. eragon, when you go on a mac, hit fn and f3, it will bring up the coords screen

    the coords are

    x= -380 and z= 150
  4. Good job!

    Now make it bigger.


    It's so inconspicuous!
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  5. Lol, I plan on adding 2 more floors and duplicating it right next to each other and connecting both collection points, this would pretty much mean = Mob drops for ever.
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  6. Then we will support you entirely.
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  7. i will try and go there today, i have cousins over :/

    is it okay if i make a safehouse near it?
  8. Yeh, just as long as everyone doesnt do it and i find like 50 workbenches all next to each other XD
  9. ok, ill try to get out there
  10. IM COMING!
  11. Ender Eyes for Everyone!
  12. Actually, i made it so enderman dont spawn in there for 2 reasons 1) They would just take Blocks (i think they still do that) 2) Like you said people will get ender eyes and find strongholds far to easy, even if they did spawn(extremely rare) they would just die because they can onlpy spawn in water, thats the only part thats 3 blocks tall
  13. First press fn, then press f3 =)
  14. where is it on smp1
  15. AWESOME!!
  16. Sir_Creeper - I've been working on this with a few friends and have really improved on the landscape and functionality. It looks much better after you fix all the griefed areas!

    Enjoy all.
  17. Oh my, I certainly hope not...
  18. can i help get to it
  19. This is really cool! Thank you so much for making the effort to build something that helps everyone :) I will make sure to make it out there and I hope everyone is with me when I say we have to protect this building from griefers - screen shots at the ready!
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  20. I second this. I'll be swooping in to monitor visitors and checking for any griefing.

    Thank you again, Sir_Creeper, for making such an awesome spawner!