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  1. Hello all, just dropping by because i found a mod on this forums months ago called VR chat. the config file was hosted here and alas, it is not accessible anymore.

    so, instead i decided to try the server. i verified my premium account and was directly teleported to the tutorial. looks nice, but one complaint right off the bat. i joined SMP9. to my knowledge that is survival multiplayer. so i answered the first question with that....incorrect. well, next i chose survival mutiplayer with pvp and NO item spawning. well, that too was incorrect. then i said, why not check the forums. i can't seem to find a board with a description of what kind of server SMP9 is. so, little help?

    SMP with NO pvp...maybe a description somewhere might be in need....

    By server owner, i by no means suggest this server. I own a server as well.
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  3. yeah, i'm scanning it now, but i cannot find that description in the guide. must be my glasses.... >.<
  4. About what kind of server it is? It's on the page when you click on the guide. :confused:

    And, I'm 98.67% sure everything is in the guide. (Been awhile since I've used the guide with the tutorial together…)
  5. some things need to be obvious to me otherwise i will overlook them so quickly.
  6. No such thing as a premium account?
  7. I assume that means a paid Minecraft account.
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  8. i did not read the guide but i did the tutorial well :) i stalked the forums for a few weeks befor i joined ;)
  9. The first page....
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  10. I was confused at first as well, heard through the WHOLE GUIDE, and didn't find a part on it, so I failed, anyway eventually I passed xD
  11. I passed it without messing anything up.. FTW! I got most of my info from that thread on minecraftforums and a skim of the guide :p
  12. The empire, after last week is a connected chain of servers that has a lot of cross-server shizzle-wazz such a virtual chest, xp and money. Everyone gets a 60 x 60 residence to build on in town, If you want it. There are multiple worlds on each server. The frontier is a world you can go and trek over the default minecraft terrain. This terrain will not ever reset so you can build forts or bases or mob farms, anything. Be warned: you are at the mercy of griefers. There is another world, the wastelands which resets entirely with every major Mojang update. Do not build anything of value here, IT WILL BE RESET.

    As of last week, the empire has curved a little off path from "French Vanilla" to "French Vanilla with hot fudge". There was a major update. We now play on normal mode in the two overworlds and a few "Different" mobs have been added. I suggest you look on the main page for the thread on the "Survival Update". If you like the server, I STRONGLY suggest you donate, as this unlocks many new features. If not, like me, You can make a Fair living on going out in the wilderness to mine. Or you can be the average joe and be a farmer brown, staying in town.

    Hope this helped,

    - boozle628
  13. I always thought SMP stood for Survival Multiplayer...
  14. It does…
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  15. and that most SMP servers are PvP...however, when i looked for the first answer, i went directly to the servers page. Most, not all SMP servers are PvP. i assumed since you all had a vast number of servers that they would all be different. i failed to notice that they are not. in fact, they are just the same with different addresses. anyhoo, i passed the TUT with a minor headache on the fist question. other than that, my only other complaint is dying in the wilderness with no way to /back or escape to home from outside the protection. i understand this gives it a more survival aspect and do not flaw the server for its use of this. it is actually nice, makes me pack what I might need while leaving room for what i pick up. so far, i like it here, too bad i have a server to run as well...

    as for me stating premium, yes, i meant legit account.
  16. Oh wow I completely misunderstood the entire thread *major facepalm* sorry bout that.
  17. I recommend the live maps for finding your way back, or get Rei's Minimap. It is one of few approved mods.
  18. I already have rei's...can you suggest an approved chat plugin that "dings" when a word is said? I had VR chat, but it no longer works.