Ghost in the Shell video game?!

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  1. Ghost in the Shell ("GiTS") is a Manga ("Japanese comic book") written by Masamuni Shirow and is my (can't believe I missed that :oops:) all-time favorite Anime series. I enjoyed the movie, I deeply enjoyed the animated series spin-off ("Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex" & "2nd gig" (2nd season)) and the movie spin off from that animated series ("Solid State Society") is one of my favorite movies in the GiTS-SAC series.

    What I like so much about SAC is that it stays true to the series (if you read the manga you'll come across several locations which have been used in the animated series), it keeps the atmosphere (GiTS isn't your average action series, there are plenty of episodes where hardly any action takes place but all the more mystery solving) and most of all the music (and often lack of music usage) is in my opinion also outstanding. Sometimes using no music can have a deeper impact than using music all the time.

    So just now through means of a freak search (still had some kanjii which my gf mailed me in my clipboard) I came across this here:

    click here if the video doesn't play

    GiTS first person shooter?! Can it be? I'll ask my gf to translate those kanji if she can, but in the mean time I figured I'd share this with you guys as well. This looks pretty slick to me.

    This is heavily based on the SAC series, so to give a rough impression here is the 2nd gig opening animation. Doesn't say much but gives an impression:

    click here if the video doesn't play
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  2. I'm guessing it's F2P (or P2W) since Nexon has published other Asian games like Dragon's Nest, Maple Story,etc... I never watched this anime, if the MMO comes here, I might start watching it...
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  3. Hmm looks interesting and Game play looks very fast pace which is accurate to that world. I keep my eye open on it when comes out in NA.

    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and 2nd Gig season are much watch series. Both of their stories in each season are interesting and great overall. Also the ones that recently came out in the last year or so are good.
  4. It looks like starwars, call of duty, battlefield and gears of war all in one. lol.

    I do not watch anime but this game looks interesting.
  5. This looks absolutely amazing. (Of course I fear invisible people with snipers, however.)
  6. I have been meaning to watch Ghost in the Shell for a long time, but its hard if you: 1. don't have the money to buy it, and 2. can't find it online. Plus, I am overloaded with EoC exams, moving and watching the NGE movie remakes. Maybe I'll get to it someday...

    The game though, that looks very cool! I find it hard to find an FPS that is ultra fast-paced, CoD: AW doesn't do it for me I guess. If it comes to NA, I'll see if I can pick up a copy.
  7. I'm 99.9% sure if will be free, since Nexon makes only F2P games...