GHAST................. its over 9000!?!?!?!?

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  1. ok so walked into my nether portal which me and my wilderness peeps use all the time to run into at least 200 ghast, died portal was shut down and engaged the pigmen due to trying to survive " a hugly odd number fo them also". so lost all my crap w/e

    Went back with 3 of my people fully enchanted gear/weapons and a million arrows we killed at least 400+ b4 being over run by .......yes let me say it again...........GHAST

  2. Im going to give you a few pics
  3. I agree, but language, please? ;)
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  5. Deleted. :)
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  6. Yes, yes. deleted!
  7. Holy cow... That's alot of ghasts.
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  8. Man, this place is hypersensitive about language. The only rule I could find about this topic is "do not use excessively foul language." In what backwards upside-down universe does "crap" constitute excessively foul language?

    I do love EMC, but this crazy focus on anything that could remotely seem offensive to anyone is a bit of a thorn in my side.
  9. can't see crap being a offensive word

    On-Topic: Dang that's alot of ghast you need a wall of arrows that should do it
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  10. I don't see crap as a horrible word. I say it a lot. There have been instances someone posted that being banned "Pissed" them off and I asked them to watch the language and I got flamed by not only the person banned but by all the "kids" who posted in said thread that it's not a bad word yet someone says crap and it's like "OMG!"
  11. lol reminded me of 3rd grade the Omg he said that part
  12. crap is not a bad word and is fine to say..

    I pushed an update last night to thin out the ghast..

    400 sounds like a fun number lol, was it an over exaggeration or did you literally count the kills o.o?
  13. I keep getting attacked by ghasts whenever I go down into the nether part of my base. I'm thinking about making a roof over my walkways for safety.
  14. how is this bad language?
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  15. Crap, hell, and damn are not curse-words. I have been told by other players that Moderators said that those don't count as curse words.
    But, they are not very appropirate, if you want to curse, go on a different server, we dont want you! :p
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  16. The reason the server doesnt like language is because you might swear at other players and make them rage but what insult could you do with it towards another player that would actually not be childish and not make you look stupid.
  17. Somebody didn't read the rules properly. Or the guide :rolleyes:
  18. That's hearsay! I wouldn't trust it too much. :p

    I'm not saying I want to curse, I'm saying I would like people not to have a stick up their... ahem... :rolleyes: that is to say I don't want people to be so uptight about it. :p
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