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  1. EDIT: Just wanted to point out it's like prime time to play Minecraft in the U.S. - people are off work and it's after dinner. #nohope
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  2. I remember this would happen after a reboot. lol
  3. It's currently 11 PM EST...
    Whatever time it is in England...
    I've seen SMP2 with two people at 6 PM EST
  4. 11PM Eastern, 8PM Western, only person on. No reboots or anything
  5. Awwww....I'll save you.
  6. Saved you
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  7. *notices guns in inventory*
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  8. minez texturepack
    liar, you left.
    *cries in corner*
  9. I stayed until my life was in danger of being trapped forever in a mineshaft.