Getting your own enraged chickens ;)

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  1. Hi gang!

    Yes, I have to admit that sometimes trying to hunt down those Super Turkeys could be a little frustrating but I also have to admit that I couldn't stop myself from laughing it out sometimes when you see them running around at ridiculous speeds.

    So the other day I came across a zombie jockey: a baby zombie riding a chicken. And that got me thinking... How awesome would it be to have a baby zombie riding a super turkey?

    It took a little bit of experimentation (I don't summon creatures every day ;)) but I am very pleased with the result. The next stop is to dump this into a map which I sometimes play with my girlfriend and then having this go off at a random moment. Should be a good troll :)

    Especially because this is exactly what it looks like: a zombie riding a super turkey-like chicken, including the extra hitpoints. So chances are high that she'll kill the zombie while the chicken will continue bugging her (no, I don't feel evil at all, why you ask? :D). Have I ever mentioned how much she likes chickens in the game? No? Well, probably because she doesn't :D This is bound to create one of those "WTH is that thing?!" moments :p

    Now... obviously I didn't write all of this up just to brag (well, otoh... :cool:) but also to share my discoveries with you guys.

    So... How to get this in your own game.. All you need is a command block. So give yourself a commandblock using: /give @p command_block, then paste this thingie in:

    summon Zombie ~ ~2 ~ {IsBaby:1,Equipment:[{},{},{id:"leather_leggings"},{},{}],Riding:{id:Chicken,Fire:32767,Attributes:[{Name:"generic.movementSpeed",Base:0.7},{Name:"generic.maxHealth",Base:256}],ActiveEffects:[{Id:12,Duration:32767,Amplifier:0,Ambient:-1}]}}
    The zombie is wearing leather pants because yah... would you be riding a burning creature without any protection? I thought not ;)

    In case you just want to experiment then I suggest you also keep these two commands handy:
    • /kill @e[type=Zombie]
    • /kill @e[type=Chicken]
    ... might save you from a bit of frustration there. Warning: these commands will kill all zombies and chickens in your game. So if you plan on using this in a real map then you might want to add a radius so that it doesn't kill of all your livestock: /kill @e[type=Chicken,r=20] (kills chickens in a radius of 20 blocks).

    Have fun!
  2. You're amazing
  3. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this.I might test this after and see how it goes . :eek:
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  4. Ok guys, if you think that the commandblock was interesting then feast your eyes on this update... I think I'm not exaggerating if I say that I totally outdone myself:

    After I stopped work today I messed a bit with my commandblock above and while trying to think about places to put it in my gf's build I soon realized that it had a major flaw: you need to specify coordinates of the stuff you want to spawn. I suppose I could spawn in a bunch of critters but yeah... Then there's another issue: actually triggering the commandblock so that it spawns things in. I'm pretty fluent with redstone, but yeah... Building a redstone clock for every commandblock is tricky. And if I make one clock and hook it up to several commandblocks then I risk a bit more exposure too.

    That's when I realized that you can also customize a mob spawner. And the 1.8 update has added some tremendous cool features for it.

    My customized mob spawner in action: it spawns 3 zombie jockeys riding an enraged chicken ;)

    So yeah, I don't mean to brag but I think this is pretty awesome :cool: And I plan on bumping this thread a few times too because I think this new update can be really useful.

    Request: If you're going to use this then I ask that you leave the item lore intact. I mean: without Empire Minecraft this would never have happened, so credit where credits due, ok? And if you are using it then sharing some screenshots would be really cool :cool:

    SO what does this thing do? Just as above I'm giving you a code segment which you need to paste inside a commandblock (I love those things ;)). When you activate the commandblock it will give you the Spawn of Momentus spawner. After you place it it'll spawn 3 "Son of Momentus" critters (=baby zombie wearing leather pants and riding a "turkey" chicken) in a range of 20 blocks. The spawner will be active as long as there are players within a range of 50 blocks. And just to avoid too much attention it won't spawn in entities as soon as a player enters its range: there's a 4 tick delay. I did that for my gf because I'm pretty sure that she'd otherwise quickly realize "hey, if I step here then stuff happens".

    give @p mob_spawner 1 0 {display:{Name:"Spawn of Momentus",Lore:["Spawns: Son of Momentus", "Coded by ShelLuser", "For the real EMC fan!", "(C) Empire Minecraft / Starlis"]},BlockEntityTag:{EntityId:Zombie,SpawnData:{IsBaby:1,Equipment:[{},{},{id:"leather_leggings"},{},{}],Riding:{id:Chicken,Fire:32767,Attributes:[{Name:"generic.movementSpeed",Base:0.7},{Name:"generic.maxHealth",Base:256}],ActiveEffects:[{Id:12,Duration:32767,Amplifier:0,Ambient:-1}]}},SpawnCount:3,SpawnRange:20,RequiredPlayerRange:50,Delay:4}}
    Oh. my "Son of Momemtus" critter has one small flaw...

    If it decides to jump into the water and comes back out then it won't catch fire again. I'm pretty sure that I can find the solution for that as well, but meh. It's good as it is for now.

    Maybe I should send this in as a suggestion for a custom mob. Son of Momentus sounds kinda cool, and make no mistake about it: this thing can be deadly with the added speed and all! Just take a look at my health bar above.
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  5. Sorry, but.. bump ;) I said I was going to a few times ;)

    Right now I plan to use this tomorrow (Friday) evening. And I'll be sure to share the details which I can share ;)
  6. Hey how do you kill these "super turkeys"
  7. They spawn randomly in either waste, frontier, nether and end. They run around at really high speeds so it's est to trap them in a hole. Best way to find them is to run around one if the places above and wait for one to spawn. You can look at Aikar's post for more info located on the home page.
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  8. What Hanna said. If you're referring to my "enraged chickens" by any chance then you'll need to use that kill command I showed. It basically kills all chickens in the level, unless you're using the radius parameter.
  9. meh, last bump because I feel like it :)