getting kicked off the server

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  1. When I try to afk, sometimes my game closes, and tells me the following: your connection was forcibly closed with the remote host, or something like that. What is causing this, and is there any way to stop it from happening?
  2. When a server is full of players, the server searches or finds the players that May or are afk, mostly in afk farms. What the servers does is kicking the players that are afk, giving more attention to those players that aren't.

    Something like that, I think.
  3. There was only 10 people on when it happened. And, it says a different message when the server is full.
  4. Or maybe your PC or Mac lost connection with the server.
  5. This happens often or just now?
  6. You normally get the message "Kicked for idling too long on a full server" or something like that. But the error you mentioned, I got as well this morning when I woke up. Both my PCs had this error and there we're only 6 people on. Not sure what time I got booted though.
  7. I can confirm this as well. For some reason it often happens in the early morning hours (local time; gmt+1, so say midnight EMC time).

    And this morning it was particularly bad. Right after the server reboot which implemented the new features I got kicked off several times with a Java exception ("error message") about a server timeout. I also noticed that during that brief moment I sometimes would also have issues to access the website.

    So yah, I don't think its you or your connection but something else.
  8. It's likely routing issues on the internet based on your location.

    Anytime you see issues like this, check this website:

    If you see a lot of red, likely the cause.
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  9. I'll try that, thanks Aikar :)