Get your Mojang Account today!

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  1. That is correct. now has access to their Mojang Account migration tool for all Minecraft account holders. Just click here to begin the process. Do not worry, it is secure and private. I found this link while doing some personal research for a few new tools. :)

    I do not work for Mojang. I just like to poke around and find any little detail I can. Also, I am the first to find this little detail, even and have no mention of this on their sites publicly. Neither has any YouTube poster, as I am aware. :D

    Also, Cobalt is in Alpha stage and available for pre-order for 9.95. :D
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  2. WoW. Getting mine now! :D
    Edit: Ooh! This is my first "first post" in a thread. xD
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  3. Cool I'm signing up now :D
  4. Sure sounds cool :D
  5. Error! An error occured. Please try again later.
    I tried my password with and it worked so i dont know what the deal is :(
  6. You have to make a new account for this one.
    But you can use the same E-Mail as in
  7. You sign in with your Minecraft data. If it doesn't work now, it may be overloaded.. I had to wait 14 hours to get mine to work... :) Also, if you recently changed your password, it will take time to correct itself in
    I am not an employee, so this is the best I can answer on this subject...
  8. Is it? Then i've (Kind of) failed. Heh. xD
  9. OFF TOPIC: Twitch, you sure do like posting here in the news lol
  10. That is my job, as a moderator. To bring forth the news relating to Minecraft and Mojang. (Self appointed. ;)) I do it because I like to keep the masses informed, although sometimes it gets ignored and then we get flooded with questions about the exact things I cover, typically before, if I am quick enough. :D
  11. So um whats the point of getting a mojang account?
  12. Is a Mojang Account basically an account that you can use for any mojang game, as opposed to just minecraft, or does it do something else too?
  13. The Mojang Account allows you to log in with your email account and also serves to allow you to access all of the Mojang products available from a central hub. It is still in Beta, that is why nothing has been reported on it since the suggestion stage. I found it by digging around for some other information.

    It is not a requirement, but if you intend to purchase Cobalt and/or Scrolls, it will be extremely helpful and in fact might be required in the future... I know when I bought Cobalt Alpha access, I had to sign in with my Mojang Account to purchase it... I had mine already, so not sure what that means for others...
  14. Ah, ok, thanks :)
    I'll just get mine now!