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  1. Hey Guys! I was just wandering about on EMC one day (today) and thought to make some skins... i made 3 skins then got a request from my good Friend Ashley9305 to make her a skin. I went to the skindex and started working on a Tabby cat onesie with pink hair. Ashley was thrilled when i showed her the final product, so i decided to start this thread. Here I will be offering a service for you guys to get a free skin! Ask me for any type of skin and I'll try to make it (sorry if i can't make your skin). And the best thing is... ITS TOTALLY FREE!!! (although i will take donations) So Get in on this offer and get your skin today!
    - TehrandomX inc
  2. Can you make me a boy skin? In a black suit and red tie, and blonde hair. OR can you make me a Marco Rues skin? BPW-a2hW.jpeg This is Marco Rues :p, he has blonde hair...
  3. Make one for my sister pl0x <3
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  4. Can you make me something random
  5. All of the following have been added to my list
    Also flopdikstan... Anything in particular like a rainbow Elmo lol
  6. can you make the green on my skin purple i could do it but i am too lazy :p
    I will pm you my skin file
  7. Make me a guy in a suit and tie similar to the trollface skin, but replace the head with a gold block, and the hands with golden hands. feet can be iron/diamond blocks.
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