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  1. Im not sure how many people have been following the development of the new Win8 OS, but it is available for a consumer preview in both 32 and 64 bit versions, and is free to use until January 15 2013.

    You can grab the ISO images from and can find the product key at, or just enter NF32V-Q9P3W-7DR7Y-JGWRW-JFCK8, which is the same one listed on the page, but it can be tricky to locate.

    Microsofts main aim with win8 is to create one seemless brand across all computer platforms, meaning you can have a consistent experience on every device. If it fails it will be Vista all over again though. :p

    Bear in mind that while it has been thoroughly tested, it is not a finished product, so it is only recommended for experienced users only. Take care, have fun and remember that myself or EMC is not responsible for any issues which result from the installation of this TRIAL software. :)
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  2. so can i download this and run windows on my mac
  3. No. Not unless you have some kind of windows emulation style software on your mac. Which is no way to experience Windows anyways, because it just causes it to act slow.

    Most likely, if you understand how to utilize Boot Camp and this is a compatible version. ;) - Twitch1
  4. yeah i do have emulation software
  5. Well thanks for this shaun Ill try this on my old laptop :)

    EDIT: Ismoosh spotted the fault (what was there on purpose by the way)
  6. Did i miss twitch's post XD
  7. I knew someone would notice that :p
  8. I love how you made sure to state that part.
  9. All current OS X installations come with Boot Camp, which allows you to install additional OS builds onto a separate partition on the hard drive and is an official Apple product. :)
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  10. i hacve windows 7 running already for engineering but i was wondering if 8 was compatible with bootcamp it should work im gonna do it
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  12. i gotta try that ...i rewrote bootcamp code so its sompatible with 8 hopefully this works
  13. I swear I posted on here warning that it'll delete your current OS and you won't be able to get it back unless you have a disk.
  14. i run it on a seperate hard drive dont worry i got this and just in case i have a backup disk alo with all my stuff backed up its downloading right now WINDOWS 8
  15. Make sure the Space shuttle doesn't crash because your computers offline so your designed robot doesn't know what to do :)
  16. i have space shuttle going hardcore right now its on the verge of craching it keeps getting close to crashing running on 12 gigs of ram WTF!!!!

    gotta go il be back gotta do this installation thing
  17. I use Ubuntu on all of my boxes at home. At work, my agency is talking about changing from Windows XP to 7 sometime in the future :(.
  18. 7 isn't as bad as vista :)
  19. Ugh, actually, windows runs better on macs XD Quite funny really