[Get Rich Fast] Buying Loads of items!

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  1. Goodday EMC!

    I'm looking to buy the following items:
    2,5 DC of Quartz Blocks -- 115k per DC
    3 DC of Quartz Pillar -- 125k per DC
    2.5 DC of Quartz Stairs -- 120k per DC
    0.5 DC of Quartz Slabs -- 50k
    6.5 DC of Stone Slabs - 5k per DC
    3 DC of Gray wool - 10k per DC

    Message me in-game or via conversation on here :)


    GREEN = Filled
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  2. I have the 3 dc's of gray wool for you eclipsys. :D
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  3. I have 2 Dc's of quartz Ores. I will sell them for 80k each.
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  4. I can sell you 6,5 DC of stone slabs.

    Transaction done, thanks :)
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  5. Make them into blocks and I'll buy them for 105k per DC
  6. Better bust out the ore buster :p
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  7. This is not the way to trade. If you wish to buy start your own thread or look around online for shops that sell.
  8. I didn't mean the ones that he is selling to you. I asked if he had any surplus.
  9. I do realise you may be busy, but to help you out, go mine in the nether waste. I had acquired a dc of quartz ore in only a few hours! This is not calling you lazy or anything (As I like to call myself with items lol) but its really worth it. Even if you only get a sc, that saves you rupees! :)
  10. Please keep on topic, this is a Eclipsys thread advertising to buy items not to go mining or for other players to jump in and advertise for their own needs.

    If you wish to go mining then pls do so or make your own thread to advertise what items you would like to buy etc.
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  11. I might be able to get you the SC of Quartz Slabs; I'll post later to see.
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  12. bumperzzzz
  13. Sorry to post when I'm not selling, but aren't stairs more expensive than blocks?
  14. at 2000 they aren't, or I didn't look good enough
  15. Come on folks :p
  16. PRICE UPDATE: now paying 115k for a DC of Quartz Blocks! Thanks :)
  17. What are you up to Eclipsys ;)
  18. Might as well show you guys :p

    Behold, my JustinGuy & GameKribJEREMY tribute. It's gonna be at /v 106 (where my wool tower currently stands)

    I need loads of materials to finish this! So that JG/GKJ/ICC will never be forgotten!
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