Get Gawa's head

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  1. Pvp challenge:

    I will be taking the challenge of the first two people to reply.

    First to 3 wins wins the challenge.

    Rules: no mini map, all items except promos allowed. God armor, swords, bows, shiny arrows, potions, apples everything.

    Edit: arena will be that of the challengers choice and spawn locations will be discussed prior to event.

    If you beat me I will give you 2k and the chance to get three more of my heads with a 3 wins match again but this time only unenchanted iron armor, unenchanted iron sword, unenchanted bow, regular arrows and regular food, nothing more nothing less. No buffs.

    Time: challengers and myself will agree to a time that works for both of us.

    Currently there are only 4 Gawa heads in existence. This challenge would put that at a maximum of 16.

    Good luck to the challengers.

    Other info: I have only pvped for a few hours on one other server and only with 3 people on EMC. I have 36 heads. I have pvped a total of less than 8 hours.

    Edit: WyntyrReavyn has all 4 of my heads
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  2. That's it EMC community you made me do it: You chicken? Can't even take on a lowly noob? :p

    The prize isn't so much the 2k, just figured I would throw that in for good measure. The prize is getting my head and having some fun. Except, by the show of interest on the thread, no one is brave enough to battle the lowly Gawa. Lol
  3. yep i have four of his heads indeed. though they were not easy to obtain. I wish the challengers good luck
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