Generic bases messed up (I think that's what it's called)

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  1. So basically, my other thread, glichy old horses, Showed an adult horse on screen, actually a baby horse.
    Now this has happened with zombies, and when i came back, i got knoked back like 15 blocks by the zombie, to be honest, There was also spider and a skeleton but i don't think they would knock a player back that far. Enjoy aikar :p
  2. What difficulty were you on?
  3. Apart from difficulty (use /diff to check that btw.) it's also important to note what kind of zombies. Were you fighting regular mobs or the custom enraged mobs (those which look to be on fire)? Next is the terrain: was it flat or were you on a hill for example? If you get knocked of a hill of some sort then it's not too uncommon to drop a few more blocks away.

    Sidenote: if that skeleton was enraged (this can be hard to see if its raining) then that could be an issue. Their arrows can pack a decent punch.
  4. Non-custom Zombie, bottom of hill, non- enraged skeleton, clear weather,
  5. Doesn't matter if you are or not, all which matters is providing enough information to work with. And merely stating that you got knocked back by a zombie leaves too many other possibilities open, like some of those which I mentioned above.

    The most important thing when discovering something weird is finding a way to reproduce it, that way anyone (but the developers specifically) can see what's up. That's one of the reasons why I asked those questions.


    So: what kind of zombie are we talking about? A baby, a regular sized one or a giant zombie?
  6. Maybe it was your 6% talking, heh. I've seen some odd things happen. Although I can't explain it, I am not too surprised by your story. My guess is that a Zombie and Skeleton may have hit you at the same time.
  7. My guess is lag. If you had a bad lag spike hits can stack and send you flying.

    Shell, enraged vs normal has absolutely nothing to do with knockback and I really doubt someone would post a thread for getting knocked down a hill. That's something they would NOTICE.
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  8. NOrmal
  9. yes, not gonna knock me 15 though

    *You go get 5% then
    and how is a 9 year old supposed to knowwhat notch changed people into for april 2005 (do the calculations, i was born in 2006)**
    **the question i got wrong
  10. Thank you
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  15. I have had the same problem with horses. I give them wheat, they grow after one and i try to ride, but they turn back into babies. I have recently seen horses come out full grown after I breed two together. Not sure, but I don't think it is lag.
  16. That's just a visual glitch. Your client thinks they're grown up but they're really not. It's not lag. :)
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