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Do you think this explained the server a bit?

Yes, she did. 1 vote(s) 7.7%
No, she didn't, she stinks!!!!!! 12 vote(s) 92.3%
  1. Hi, this is your friend here! Today, I am typing a General Choice. This choice will be about Minecraft. (Empire Minecraft) Anyways, Empire Minecraft is a server where you can build whatever you want in this game. Also, It has a Wilderness and a Shop. Also, they Mod's sometimes hold special events! Even Owners of the server hold events! Also, members (with no ranks) can have up to 1 Residence. Gold Supporters to Diamond Supporters can have up to 4 Residences! Also, if you are having trouble finding stuff to build, here are some to keep you busy: Pixel Art, Houses, Big Shops, Museums, and
    Clubs. Well, if you can't build any of those, I'm out of ideas. Anyways, back to what we where talking about! So, This is an Economy Choice. This is a choice if you want to do this. (Technically) So, Empire Minecraft as something else special! Players! Players, to guide you if you need help! (Except the new ones) Alright, I'm done for this thread. I hope you are all having a nice day, Bye!
  2. If I may, 2 things.

    #1. In the future if you don't mind, could you use a more readable font color? It's extremely hard to read with that color.
    #2. Was it necessary to add the 'she stinks' to the 2nd poll option? A simple yes or no would have been enough.

    Thank you for your time.
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  3. Hey, I'm trying to the best I can, keep your own mean comments to yourself!
  4. Not all criticism is meant to be harmful.
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  5. Ok, good for you, but it's harmful to me, like I said, MINE YOUR OWN BUSSNIESS!
  6. Alright, that was disrespectful. Keep in mind that everybody is allowed to voice their opinions to an extent.
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  7. I know, but, I'm just tired of it, please mind your own..........................................
  8. Well if your going to post on the forums then it's everyone's business.
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  9. Ok, good for me!
  10. The reason that TheKloned commented on disliking the survey is because it makes people feel guilty if they disagree with you. I'm sure that's not what you intended. Also, I'm not quite sure I understand this thread :p
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  11. Why all this hostility? All that was asked was if you could use an easier to read font. No harm in that?
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  12. As I said on the other thread, you're incorrect regarding the number of residences.

    Regular/Iron get 1
    Gold get 2
    Diamond get 4

    Also, it's not good to put "she's stupid" in the poll option.
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  13. Ik, it's fine if people disagree with me:D
  14. I don't think that's true, given just the statements in this thread:
    Please stop this, because it's getting a bit out of hand. The forums are a great place, but not for someone who doesn't take criticism very well. Thanks. :)
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  15. I think you should talk to your parents/guardians about whether or not you are ready to be in the forum environment.
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  16. Alright guys, happy rainbows and bunnies.

    HelloKittyRo: take a step back, and remember that everyone has their own opinion pretty much everything. :) Even if you sometimes think something, it might be best not to say it (for example, I wouldn't exactly go and say Aikar was the slowest person ever to create dragon tombs.... waaiiiiitt.....).

    People saying they disagree isn't them being mean, it's them disagreeing. There's a HUGE difference - and 99% of the time, they don't have anything personally against you.

    If you post in a public section on the EMC forums, then what you're posting is viewable and replyable to everyone. It very very much is their business - if you don't want it to be, try using private messages. :)

    Take a read of this: :)
  17. I am sure our good friend Copher is working on it as well.:rolleyes:
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  18. No, he's working on Sheep Tombs.
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  19. Is nick5013 working on Melon Tombs?
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  20. I think the thing in the tombs was a bit more illegal than melons, last time I checked.

    Anyway, HelloKittyRo - it's obvious you've put in effort with this thread. Just make sure you take on other people's feedback from previous threads to make that effort even more worth it in the future - and you'll end up with some awesome threads. :)
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