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  1. Hi, I would like to gather all the prices and average them and other stuff so you (the seller) knows what a good price is, or you (the buyer) knows if a price is too high. For all you shop owners, please post the buy/sell price of your most sold items!
  2. I mostly buy cobble, stone and logs.

    Cobble - 13r per stack
    Stone - 32r per stack
    Logs: 36r per stack (You're thinking OMG! Who would sell that cheap?! On SMP4 logs are cheap :))

    Sell out on everything
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  3. I sell Cobble-20r a stack
    Stone and Stonebrick-30r a stack.
  4. So far what i have averaged out is:
    Cobble: 16r a stack
    Stone/SB: 31r a stack.
    Logs: unable to average yet.
  5. Amused, this varies from smp to smp, so trying to find a server wide price is going to be very difficult. In addition, different people use different pricing methods, for instance, some have super low prices and are always out of stock, or have higher prices and are always in stock. If your doing this to try to set up a shop, I would suggest checking out the prices at your local mall, and going somewhere around that.
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  6. Wow this is gonna be a bit tricky... Pretty much each SMP has a unique economy :confused: Apart from Utopia which has NO economy :p
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  12. Trying to just find a price in the middle that people should try to sell around. The economy is different on each smp but if you look around, the prices are kinda in the middle.
  13. Cobble- 25r per stack
    stone/stone birck- 40 buy 60r sell
    Oak planks- 25r per stack
    Sandstone- 70r per stack (i sell pretty cheap but other sell for like 100-150r per stack!)
    Sand-40r per stack
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  14. Fix'd.
    When I make my shop, these will be the prices:
    Cobble: 15r a stack
    Stone: 30r a stack
    Logs: 25r a stack
    Wood: 30r a stack
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  15. lol thanks :D
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  16. Cobble: 32r/stack
    Smooth Stone: 64r/stack
    Stone Brick: 64r/stack
    Jungle logs: 128r/stack
    All other logs: 96r/stack
    Wool (all colors): 96r/stack
    Sand: 64r/stack
    Glass: 80r/stack
    Sandstone: 96r/stack
    Diamonds: 50r each
    Gold: 12r each
    Iron: 8r each
    Redstone: 1.5r each
    Lapis: 3r each
    Emeralds: 35r each
    Dirt: 2000r each (lol jk)
  17. Now I have:
    Cobble-18r per stack
    Stone-33r per stack
    Logs-30r per stack
    Planks-27r per stack (weird....)
    sand- unable to average
    sandstone- unable to average
  18. Way too cheap. Wood is very popular. You should sell for 64r a stack at least.
  19. Why you are selling logs for less than wood, instead of for 4x as much, which wood (wood, get it XD ) make more sense?
  20. Im not deciding these prices, my math is lol.