GASP! I can't play on EMC anymore.!

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  1. My Game Automatically updated itself to Minecraft Version 1.7.6 and now it is saying that unless the server Updates itself to version 1.7.6, I can no longer play on that server anymore. It says that 1.7.6 does not support 1.7.5 and below servers anymore. So I guess this is good bye EMC, it was a pleasure to meet and play on your server. :(
  2. Did you know you can change your profile settings to still use 1.7.5? ;)

    EDIT: for some reason I keep reading 'GAPS' in the title :P
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  3. You can change your version by making an new profile and then changing that profile to version 1.7.5... There Fixed :)
  4. What's going on! My game automatically updated itself again and now it says Minecraft Version 1.7.7! Noooooooooooooo! I can't even see the servers that were on my list anymore!

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  5. just set a profile on 1.7.5 then have a different one set to latest, its really simple
  6. I don't know where i do that? Do I login to Enjin?
  7. You just press 'edit profile' in the bottom left and change the update to a previous, it will work on 1.7.5 too. It is made so you do not have to download any updates manually.
  8. Look on the front page on Home.
  9. Start minecraft, and in the bottom left corner hit Edit Profile. Then change your version to 1.7.4 with the version option and bang zoom pow you can play again. :p
  10. Thanks guys I'll try it out!