Gasmic's Premium Minecraft Account Shop: $5

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  1. I am selling many Minecraft Premium Accounts.
    I have a very large collection of SECURE and legitimately obtained accounts.

    Price: $5 Paypal

    Deals can be done a variety of ways.

    Contact me and add me on Skype.
    Skype: GasmicPb
    Payment will be in exchange for the username and password.

    Due to my very recent introduction to this forum, this shop will obviously be met with a little bit of skepticism. Therefore I will not have a problem going first for well known members of the community. I will also be providing two (2) vouch account to members of the community. The first vouch copy will go to the first person who asks for one. The second will go to a Mod or Admin

    Vouch Account Left: 2
    I am currently collecting vouches!

    I can assure you, this is not an automated post; I am a real person honestly trying to sell these extra accounts. For people who still doubt my legitimacy, I can provide a name list which can act as further proof.
    I would also like to speak with a mod/admin to discuss a growth opportunity for the server.
  2. I don't know if this is allowed. I know that selling them for rupees is deffo not allowed, but we also aren't a trading forum so you may want a staff member to check this.. If it checks out I'd take a vouch account. But I'm not going into anything illegal.
  3. I looked at the rules and nothing about this seems to break any of the rules.
  4. Yeah, but it's an IRL trade nonetheless. I'd still get it checked for safety.
  5. I'd love a mod's/admin's thoughts on this.
  6. Not a mod, but I wrote most of the current rules:
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  7. Alright,
    Why didn't I see this?
    I tried looking at all of the rules.
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  8. Closed,

    As said in the rules, RMT (Real Money Trading) is strictly prohibited here at EMC
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