Garth Brooks | What is your favorite song?

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  1. Garth Brooks very recently became the first artist to have SEVEN diamond records. He was tied with the Beatles at six for a very long time until his last album. Even if you don't like country music all that much, there is a high likelihood that you have heard at least one of his songs.

    I love many of his songs and am constantly gaining new favorites from listening to his radio station (yeah he has his own now). As of now, some notable ones I enjoy are:
    -Unanswered Prayers
    -Tearin it Up (and Burnin it Down)
    -Standing outside the Fire
    -Man Against Machine
    -People Loving People
    -The River
    -The Dance
    -Longneck Bottle
    -and many more...

    Share your favorites below!
  2. I've heard of few of his songs, but not recently. If I can remember the names of them I'll edit them in.
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  3. I haven't heard about Garth Brooks, but I think this thread is in the wrong section.
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  4. Hmmm, you know...he does a great cover of Bob Seger's "Turn The Page" as well. :cool:
  5. I have never heard of this man or any of his music.

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  6. i believe all i've heard is tearin' it up ( and burnin' it down ) ;; im not a big fan of country music but i do like that song.
  7. did he actually write any of those songs or did he just do like most country artists do and just sing/perform other peoples songs?
  8. The Thunder Rolls.....
  9. Quite a lot of the songs he writes WITH others, bouncing ideas off other artists and working together to make the product. It's a big reason why I enjoy him as an artist as he doesn't just get up and sing. He has a hand in the stories that are created by the music.
  10. Garth is awesome. Next to George Strait, probably my 2nd favorite country artist. I've been lucky enough to see him in concert a couple times. He's an Okie just like me, so of course I have to like him :D
    Favorite songs, right off the top of my head & in no particular order

    Face to Face
    Much Too Young
    The Dance
    When You Come Back to Me Again
    Friends in Low Places
    Unanswered Prayers
    Thunder Rolls

    I'm sure others will come to me too
  11. I prefer his slower, more emotional stuff personally. So The Dance obviously is a big one. I also really like If Tomorrow Never Comes. Both very powerfully emotional songs. I always really liked the message in Standing Outside The Fire too. I went through a breakup years ago and listened to him almost constantly. He certainly has a lot of good stuff.
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  12. Update: His new album is released (if you buy the box set) in just 9 days. I'm so excited to hear his new stuff. He says that it's the most true to Garth album that he's ever got to do and I already love the 1st single off the album 'Baby, Let's Lay Down and Dance'. He was on Ellen and had people send in videos of laying outside in the snow/sand/leaves to make angels of sorts while laying down and 'dancing'.

    I also really love his new duet with his wife, Tricia. It's the perfect story duet ballad and is so amazing to listen to. I'm super excited for the box set I ordered myself because it comes with their first duet Christmas album too!
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  13. Consider yourself lucky. *ducks and hides*
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  14. I listened to some of his music shortly after making that post. I didn't like it.

    Then again, this is coming from the same guy who spends his Friday nights marathoning turbo-folk albums that are ten years old.
  15. 24 hours later and I still can't get him out of my head. What have you done, Krysyy? Reminds me of days past riding in pickups and chopping cords of wood. :D
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  16. Oh and he just won the 50th CMA (Country Music Awards) entertainer of the year this past week!
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