Garth Brooks | What is your favorite song?

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  1. Garth Brooks very recently became the first artist to have SEVEN diamond records. He was tied with the Beatles at six for a very long time until his last album. Even if you don't like country music all that much, there is a high likelihood that you have heard at least one of his songs.

    I love many of his songs and am constantly gaining new favorites from listening to his radio station (yeah he has his own now). As of now, some notable ones I enjoy are:
    -Unanswered Prayers
    -Tearin it Up (and Burnin it Down)
    -Dancing outside the Fire
    -Man Against Machine
    -People Loving People
    -The River
    -The Dance
    -Longneck Bottle
    -and many more...

    Share your favorites below!
  2. I've heard of few of his songs, but not recently. If I can remember the names of them I'll edit them in.
  3. I haven't heard about Garth Brooks, but I think this thread is in the wrong section.
  4. Hmmm, you know...he does a great cover of Bob Seger's "Turn The Page" as well. :cool:
  5. I have never heard of this man or any of his music.

  6. i believe all i've heard is tearin' it up ( and burnin' it down ) ;; im not a big fan of country music but i do like that song.