Gaming_Comanders V-Day Survival Guide

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Gaming_Comander, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Bump! Wowza, this sure blew up during the night
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  3. Sounds interesting, please send me a copy. :)
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  4. I'd like to know the rules.
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  5. No u idiot I was adding to my post you silly sausage
  6. all 22 copies have been sent! For the first day I think ive done pretty good so far :)
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  7. M8, we are best friends, but you don't know some things about me *flexes*
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  8. Love this idea. So I thought, why not up it a notch? sooo....

    Also gonna share a Whole Lotta Love by sending out a valentine book to everybody who posts to this thread as well. Why not join the Comander by doing the same?? Lets make this event truly great for our Member of the Month!

  9. aww thanks m8, day=made! :D
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  10. I'll take one, thanks!
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  11. This is something I would love to read so send one to me ;)
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  12. Can I have one?
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  13. May I have one? Thanks, I'll read it and then reflect on it as I watch Netflix. Alone. In the dark. Because that's how you spend V-Day RIGHT!
  14. I need this...
    You wanna give me a few x4 eh? (I'm too lazy to open my mail later so just toss em in my donations at my res on smp2 :p)
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  15. Bump! Next round of books will be delivered for those who didn't receive one tomorrow!
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  16. I would like one as well (if there are any left)
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  17. I'll never run out of guides, so no need to worry, everyone can get one :D
  18. Little afternoon bump! Haven't delivered books yet, but will soon
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  19. We got a problem, you don't allow access to hoppers for players in your donation chest, shall I just mail them to you?
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