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Do you think that you would wanna build any of HelloKittyRo's ideas?

Yes, they sound interesting. 2 vote(s) 100.0%
No, they look boring! 2 vote(s) 100.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi, as you all know, I posted anther gaming thread! Today, we will talk about Building! Now, you see, Building is a mental thing in this server. All we can do is build, but no, they have more then just that, check out the forums to see them! Hey, check out one mine I posted! Anyways, back to topic. There are many things you can build in Empire-Minecraft, here are SOME examples: Houses, Pixel Arts, Shops, Maybe Malls, A Club, and a Museum. My goal, is to build y'all of those things. Anyways, building is temporary. You shouldn't build past the limit of 64x64 Blocks. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed that thread! Please leave a comment down below and tell me some other suggestions for building and maybe YOU can make a thread and tell people the idea! Bye!
  2. 1 vote for each, hmmm, not nice...
  3. Other then making a gaming 2 thread, just update the other one
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  4. You already have a thread about this right here. Please just post on that one, instead of creating a new thread entirely.
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