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Do you think you would want to play this, I mean, It does like fun:D?

Yes, I would want to play this, it does look fun! 2 vote(s) 28.6%
No, it seems boring, never gonna happen! 5 vote(s) 71.4%
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  1. Hi guys, as you know I'm making a Gaming Thread! (If you didn't read the tittle.) Anyways, This gaming thread (Of Course) will be talking about a game! So, the name of the game is PVP Arena in Empire Minecraft. Hey, you should all go to it! It's on SMP6. Hey wanna know something else cool? I have a residence on SMP6, so when you come, make sure you visit my residence! To visit SMP6, do /smp6. Anyways, back to topic. So, in this "Game" you can PVP. It's literally the only area in the whole server that you can go PVP and have some "Mental Fun" killing players. But, you need to have armor and tools. Here's an example; Iron Armor, and Diamond Sword. (You may wanna have some food to....) Anyways, once you're in, and once you kill, you get the persons head. I suggest putting it in your vault. (The thing is, you're charged $10 to go in your vault.) Anyways, thank you for reading my thread! I hope you enjoyed this thread, please comment and leave a "LIKE", bye!!!
  2. Just wondering: why do you post so many small threads about things that are well known and almost everyone does know them? Isn't that what the Wiki is for?