[Gaming Poll] Who has ATS/ETS2?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by pumpkinwaffle, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. Of course I have ETS2. :D It's literally the only other game apart from Minecraft that I bought, and I should play it much more than I do... :)
  2. My Answers:
    Do you have American Truck Simulator? *
    Do you have any DLC for ATS? *

    New Mexico
    Heavy Cargo
    Steering Creations
    Wheel Tuning

    Do you have European Truck Simulator 2? *
    Do you have any DLC for ETS2? *
    Wheel Tuning Pack (came with land of enchantment bundle for ATS)

    Do you have ETS Original? *

    My playtime on each of the games:
    66 hours on ATS
    95 minutes on ETS
    43 minutes on ETS2
    (I'm an obvious American)
  3. I don't have trucking simulators. I only have these games

    MSTS, TANE, and Run 8 (Microsoft Train Simulator and Trainz A New Era) I'm a train guy as you can tell. But I have my CDL so... I drive big trucks all the time. I don't need a simulator where I already do that. Same with Car mechanic games, I do that as well :p
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