Gaming PC (Budget: 1000 €)

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  1. So yeah, I am saving money for a new PC and I need some advice.
    Here is what I am looking for:

    1. Good processor: For Minecraft and other things, I guess.
    2. Very Good Graphics Card: For playing the games at max resolution and Photoshop. Nvidia preferably.
    3. Very Good RAM: A lot of RAM in case that I want to have various programs opened.
    4. Not a Mac: Self-explanatory.
    5. Not a portable pc: I hate when it gets too hot and shuts down.
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  2. Are you able to build one or know Anyone you know there Can Help?


    And where are you from?
    Do you know a site or a place there builds pcs?
    Do you have any certain site you wanna buy from?
  3. I have literally just got my 'gaming' PC yesterday, I'll give you my rough specs:
    • Intel Core i5 processor @3.0GHz
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 1 TB Hardrive
    • Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti Graphics card (1GB dedicated)
    Now I got all this for £550 (approx 644 euros) and it's great for me, it might not be quite what you're looking for and you may want to upgrade some parts but I thought I would share it with you anyway. I got this by ordering the parts from (Think it only does UK, sorry) and then my dads friend built it for me for free. This doesn't include the OS by the way.
  4. I suggest you break in somebodies house and steal one so you stay under budget, you might be on the news, and a free PC
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  5. are you building this yourself? it's so much cheaper
  6. building it really is the way to get a decent pc for cheap, i spent a little less than what your looking for and my current specs are:
    i7 @ 3.5 Ghz
    16gb ram
    1Tb HDD, 120Gb SSD
    and a GTX 770 with 2gb dedicated
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  7. Wait this build is less than 1k?

    Just the I7 and 770 is 1k here in Denmark :p
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  8. Yeah go ahead and go to jail SkyDragon. You have fun with that ;)
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  9. Hey, you'd get a free computer and some new friends in jail.
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  10. You'll only need 6-8GB of RAM, and you can find that fairly cheap now. I'd say Jakes computer is probably the best, it's got an amazing graphics card and a good processor.
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  11. I am from Spain. I know a site called where you can buy pieces for pcs.
  12. Yes, I like it, maybe upgrading the graphics and processor
  13. Yeah that's amazing, maybe changing the graphics card though
  14. I think the next step up for a Intel processor is an i7, but not sure.
  15. Yes I like i7s :D
  16. I've not added a case, because that's completely down to personal preference, but this is the best system you can get for the price, find a case you like and make sure it's support ATX motherboards and higher.
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  17. Um... Can I buy any case? And what are the specs?
  18. Pretty much any case, Just click Add Case and find one you like.
  19. Yay! The only problem is that I live in Spain, but I suppose that they have a shipping service.
  20. I'm sure you can find the equivalent bits on or equivalent.