[gaming event] star warfare

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  1. Truffles here bringing a new event!

    Basically, there's apps at the App Store for iPhones, correct? Well this is s space age shooting dualstick (think N.O.V.A) and I'd like to host some matches for tournaments of the weekend.

    Feel free to join in, and I'll make a list. Only 8 people per event, so hurry!!

    It'd be more fun if a) each team connected through teamspeak/mumble/ventilo/whatevertheslash/co.uk to communicate, and b), each person filled a role. Roles are what weapon you use. Roles:heavy(minigun),soldier(assault rifle),explosioneer(rocket launcher/grenade gun),and melee (sword).


    Team 1.
    Heavy: thetrufflehunter
    Explosioneer: nfell2009?
    Soldier: golfer1997
    Melee: _stads_

    Team 2.
    Soldier: penfoldex

    Requirements: must have iPhone/Itouch/ipodhuman
    Must have starwarfare application (it's free)
    Must not be higher then lv 5

  2. Id download it but it takes up to much memory……
  3. thats ok :) anyone else?
  4. Is it free? If it is i'll ask my dad in the morning to download it to his iPad.
  5. completely free. its a great game! ill add a link to some pics if i can find some
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  6. you can find the official itunes link here
  7. and another one bites the dust :rolleyes:
  8. Soulpunisher? It's tommarrow... This is a bump...
  9. is itouch same as ipod?
  10. compatible with iPhone, itouch, and iPad.
  11. I will download it, explosives?
  12. ill mark you down for demo man. rocket/grenade launcher baby! :D

    my heavy load out (WIP): full titan armor, mini gun, shot gun (best), grenade launcher, rocket launcher.

    the cool thing with demo man is you can choose any weapons as long as one is a rocket launcher/grenade launcher :D
    btw, im making these classes up, their not part of the game.
  13. rumplebumpkins'
  14. ill be team 1 soldier
  15. It's downloading. I'll tell you what I want to be when I get the game done loading.
    Also, what time will this be at?
  16. When we have full teams :D what class r. Playing? Btw, demo and explosioneer are the same
  17. Oh lol. I'll be team 2 soldier.
  18. SOLDIER CLASS IS FULL. Ask for info on your class if u need it.