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Excited for the next season of Horizons??

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  1. So the last thread was a bit dated so I thought I'd continue it here.
    (Outdated thread for credit: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/elite-dangerous.60787/#post-1095005)

    Anyone else playing this game? What is your Commander name? Do you Open Play or Private play? What type of Ship are you using and what internal/external upgrades have you modified your Ship with?

    I drive a Cobra Mk.III , Cost of internal upgrades at current value base at 1,250,000 Credits
    Here are some random photos of me delivering illegal data transfers across systems praying to jebus I am not randomly scanned.

    Fly Safe Commanders!
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  2. Aww This game..

    I remember trying to find entrance to the bigger outpost and took me 20 minutes to find it because I was going same rotation speed as it... felt like a fool

    Also All Hail Lord Buckethead.....
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  3. Been a while since I've posted here! Chapter 3.3 hit a short while ago with many new UI designs and simplifications to flight control systems. COVAS now has more detailed speech responses to Civilian/Commercial/Industrial/Military Ports when docking. New recognition in entering hazardous zones with message response warnings to prevent a commander from unknowingly flying into his cold grave. Also new ships of course.

    Pledias Sector has more turmoil in surrounding regions. Send help and weapons.
  4. I do feel like playing it again even so on my 4K TV... haha
  5. Wow this game looks great!!! So cool! I wish I was you and could play this game!
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  6. I have an extra copy AND a joystick for myself. Yet I can't get hang of the controls, tbh.