Elite: Dangerous?

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  1. Simple enough question, do I get it?

    I love the look of it, I'm always watching videos about it. But I'm not sure whether it really is worth it. I don't have a computer that could run it at the best settings, and that's probably the biggest thing about the game for me.

    I'm just wondering, is the gameplay as good as it looks when someone (Scott Manley) is narrating it as well? :p

  2. Oooh, it's the name of a game. I thought you were asking if Elite was a dangerous person to be around :p
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  3. Haha, that was my first instinct too. (When you know you've been on EMC too long)
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  4. I play Elite Dangerous.

    Asking if it is worth it is a little bit of a loaded question.....I'll try to explain.

    Elite is basically an open space sim. It is very pretty and built to scale. Travel takes significant time...I've spent hours in a crater on a planet driving from one end and not reaching the other...and hours travelling over great distances (in my mind), only to zoom out and barely be a spec worth noting.

    Finding other players is a needle in a haystack with the way it instances...so its not a social game ( at least not in game ).

    You are left to write your own story...to explore, bounty hunt, mine or otherwise....and the missions will likely make you want to quit the moment you start.

    With all that said...if you like making your own story, doing your own thing and taking in the beauty of the galaxy mostly alone....then yes it is worth it.

    If your hoping to interact and fight players in pvp or otherwise...I'd suggest Star Citizen or some other game.

    That said, I and a friend play together and are out on a massive exploration trip far from civilization and enjoy it...we'll be back to known space sometime next year ( yes really...that long ). I enjoy that aspect so it works.

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