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  1. Since the late 20th century, video games have become one of most popular forms of modern entertainment. But when the Internet became to what it is now, public gaming discussions were created. Yes, we as users have access to more information here in the 21st century than before, but I'm concerned about the change. It's got both good and bad sides. I could go on about the good side of the Internet, but I think most of us know it already.

    Looking at the gaming hub of the Internet, forums, YouTube, etc., the information from it can influence our behaviors and viewpoints as video game players.
    There are people who want to achieve goals in video games, but may have difficulties, such as impatience or lost. 'This takes too long'. 'I don't what to do.' With their problems in mind, they may check the Internet for solutions. After they're done and are successful, they'll often be pleased for their accomplishment.
    Now, the same information from the Internet that was viewed by someone with their problems defined might be viewed differently by someone that viewed it because they were bored. The bored person may feel bad as a player to a particular game because they found something better than what they do.

    This topic of gaming is highly expandable, so you viewers here can start building a discussion. I believe some of you can explain this much better than I can.
  2. Hm, I don't completely understand what you're saying.
    I'm not sure if this is related, but: a problem with the advancedness (didn't know a word, so made one up) of the internet nowadays is that it's very hard to stay away from spoilers. For example, I finally got a legit copy of Super Mario World, but when I got it I already knew a lot about the game, because of reading things about it on forums, people playing it in livestreams, SMW hacks people I know worked on, et cetera. I tried to avoid the spoilers, but it's very hard today, with how much is on the internet.
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  3. My intention with this thread was to discuss with others about problems within modern gaming and how to avoid or fix them.
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  4. I don't see a problem with modern gaming. Now you can do more puzzles, be more engaged, even influence a game with far less headache. where as when I was growing up everyone in the neighborhood was trying to make one jump on a platformer and would try the same jump hundreds of times and still fail. I think something of where you are coming from is that you think getting the win is too easy for people in some modern games. Generally this is going to give an achievement or something slightly trivial in advantage as the only way to become better at a game, when other people are who you are ranked against, is through experience and playing the game. I don't care what armor or how many youtube videos you watch before you step into a pvp match or end game boss content for ANY game, you aren't going to fare well. Definitely helps with the mundane, "go here, click here, find this" type of stuff though.