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  1. Hello
    ! If you have been lurking around the darkside of EMC's threads, you may have noticed THE_OP_VILLAGER's occasional postings of my drawings. Before you click away, those drawings were memed out and took less than a minute to do. Anyway, I am now ready to show you all my capability and draw some of EMC's finest players, which include you! I can either do it on my drawing journal using graphite/lead pencil with coloring if desired or I can even do a memed out EMC player, whatever you choose. Prices depend on what is being asked. Sure, it'll take some time but I guarantee you will be satisfied. Thank you!
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  2. I would like a memed out of my player please :) I can pay you whatever <3
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  3. Thanks! I won't disappoint!
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  4. Would you like it inked and colored?
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  5. Yes please! :)
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  6. alright sounds good
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  7. I want it yes I do, not the profile drawing

    Could ya... draw this?
  8. Any progress on either of the commissions? :)
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  9. yes I finished toades and im working on conductorconduit's im just having some computer problems but im working 0n fixing it
  10. Sounds good bud, keep up the good work :)
  11. Can u draw me laying in a tub of emeralds :p
  12. Hello everyone I apologize for bumping this thread as it seemed to be discontinued, in the long run it wasn't, it was just on hiatus, in the sidelines I was studding others posts to better understand the time frame to make a picture. It was wrong of me to leave all of you hanging. My actions have tarnished my reputation of being a nice EMC player, but that all changes today. As an apology for my 3 month absence and inability in keeping my promises, all EMC players who wish to have their skin drawn my me is 100% free, meaning that Eviltoade, ConductorConduit, OP_VILLAGER'S, and everyone else's is FREE! I am going to post the first image asked by Eviltoade, and come tomorrow I will post the entire image in its color glory as well as ConductorConduits and unfortunately, I even have to do OPs ssubmisssion lol
  13. I love it!! And dont worry about the other stuff, people got stuff to do sometimes!! We still love you :)
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  14. Thanks Toade!!
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  15. Update: Gonna give out all the drawings together on Saturday: Guaranteed or your rupees back:D:p
  16. As promised, I am going to now unveil all drawings, except Conduits until tomorrow depending if my knowledge on Thomas the tank engine can allow me to draw a better train....coming out in 20 minutes or less!!!!
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  17. I want a want a stupid drawing of my player