[Game] Who's lagging the most? Win 5k!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by PenguinDJ, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. DeathPunchKitty wins with 152366242 ms!

    This is something I thought up quickly. The servers are experiencing quite a bit of lag now, so why not make a game of it?

    The person to post a screenshot of the highest ping (must be your own) will win 5,000r! Ends after the lag ends (or sometime after that).

    Check your ping with /ping.
  2. I didn't get a screenshot of my negative 5 billion ping, I really should have... If I get something extraordinary then I'll post it but I'm only at like 700 right now, not bad considering what everyone else has :rolleyes:

    Even managed to get this a few minutes ago:
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  3. I got this one covered.
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  4. I'm not too sure what happened here xD
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  5. I win fastest AND slowest :D

    EDIT: ninja'd, tied for fastest
    EDIT2: I lost

    I don't believe you
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  6. I'm on both sides:

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  7. Texture pack?
  8. Faithfulvenom, I believe.
  9. Faithful with Anypack Optimizer
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  10. I can't win my own contest, but for fun here's mine:

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  11. Should be ashamed...
  12. It's lag, I promise...
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  13. psst look at it closer ;)
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  14. Ohh I see, nice one >_>
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