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  1. I just got the game for Steam. Anybody have good servers? I am pretty good at it. I am getting ready to fight the Eye of Chulu! :D
  2. cool, I used to play Terraria back in the day. Haven't started my server up in a long time lol.
  3. *Cthulhu, don't get that wrong- Cthulhu is the most powerful of all the elder gods.
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  4. He is the first boss of Terraria.
  5. I know, the Eye of Cthulhu is supposedly and eye from the first "Elder God"
    Which is Cthulhu
    By the way.
    And its pronounced kə-thoo-loo
  6. Lol thx for the info :)
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  7. Incorrect! He's only one of the many normal mode bosses, right next to the King Slime, the Brain of Cthulu, the Eater of Worlds, the Queen Bee, Skeletron, and the Wall of Flesh.
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  8. Sorry about that.
  9. Well, you're still relatively new to the game. When I was new, my friend terrorized my worlds by spawning bosses everywhere. He also killed the Wall of Flesh the first day I got the game and put my world into Hardmode.
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  10. That sucks, I want hardmode. :( There is a ore chunk that I cannot mine, it is dark and it glows. What is your max HP? I have 160.
  11. 485. Also, that glowing mineral you're seeing is most likely either Crimtane or Demonite. It's possible to mine in Normal Mode. You just need a pickaxe with 55% pickaxe power or better. That means a gold pickaxe or anything stronger will mine it.

    Also, I can host a Terraria server with Hamachi. I'll post the I.P. if you want to join.
  12. I would like the IP :) Thanks for the info
  13. Okay. I'm not actually sure if the server will work, but the I.P. will be:
    My Hamachi network is named: Jay2a's Terraria.
    My Hamachi network password is: 15432.
    I'll start the server in a few minutes.
  14. Terraria, as you may be able to tell has some similarities to Minecraft with open worlds, but I find it to relate to many of Nintendo's video game franchises. There're even costumes in Terraria that are related to Nintendo characters.

    Here's a link to Terraria Wiki if you want to know more about the game.
  15. You might have wanted to PM that to him ._.
    May want to change the network password now, bro
    Just saying :p
  16. Network passwords are required for this sort of thing. Plus, all the password does is grant people access to your Hamachi network. I can't get hacked by that.
  17. Yeah, but you dont want random people cluttering your network. I know you can remove them from the network but still :p
  18. Doesn't affect me in any way.
  19. Yeah, but they might keep you from being able to add more people to your network if you're using the free version xD
  20. I tried to fight the eye, but failed to get him down past 2k HP. :(