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  1. So, the old thread is several months old since the last reply, and I didn't see much to continue there, so I'm going to put this one here. With season 6 (relatively) close (let's compare it to the books), there's been a lot over the offseason to discuss, my favorite right now being the new (to the show watchers, which I am one of) theory regarding Jon Snow having a twin, Meera. Another thing I'm rather excited about is George R.R. Martin has said he hopes to have TWOW completed before season 6 airs, and knowing GRRM it could be several months from that date, but still hopefully within a year. What theory are you hoping will be confirmed/what are you looking forward to?
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  2. *Spoilers be here*

    Meera Reed? The whole theory about it being Meera makes sense, but I doubt it :p

    I can't wait to see more Brandon Stark, Brynden Targaryen/The Three-Eyed Crow, Eddard Stark (even if it is him as a child, and/or growing up until the events in the Tower of Joy) and I want to know what happens to Jon. I'm 99.9% sure it has something to do with Melisandre, and since he's already died, he will have been released from his Night's Watch vows. Its a shame the show cut away most of the book's stuff and only one of the Stark children are skinchangers.
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  3. *The forum is dark, and full of Spoilers*

    I am really hoping and praying that the Jon Snow/Targarean (How does one even spell it my god) is true. Yeah all the evidence and what not up until this point supports it but lets be real here: Jon Snow is not going to die. If a drunk person can revive a dead guy just by saying a few words, then a Red Priestess can easily revive someone after they just sacrificed a little girl of royal blood. Maybe she is still juiced up from the experience or something, I mean, clearing a blizzard isn't exactly a good reward for what she did. And as we all know, at the end of Season 5, she was heading to Castle Black which, according to Sir Davos, was not too far away, at least close enough so they would survive the journey. Imagine the impact Jon Snow would have if everyone found out he was not a bastard and even has better claim than Daenerys. And that oath he took to the Night's Watch? If he was revived, he would be free of it, since it only binds him until he dies, which he just did.
  4. Its Targaryen :p

    Melisandre arrived at Castle Black hours before Jon Snow got stabbed to death, and pretty much let Davos think that Shireen had died in the battle with the Boltons alongside Stannis and Selyse. Obviously, the truth isn't as simple as that :p

    If my 'knowing-of-all-the-names' is weird to you, you should spend a good 100+ hours in the world of ASOIF with the Crusader Kings 2 mod.
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  5. Also, since we are on the topic of a Song of Ice and Fire, I am just now thinking of something. Jon Snow, and Aragorn from Lord of the Rings, are the same person. They look very similar physically, having the same sort of build and facial hair. They both wield a powerful sword that has been modified to fit their character -the bear on Longclaw was changed to a wolf for Jon- and said sword is rare as it is made from a metal made by a dying/dead race of people. They are both of King's blood -Well, if the theory is true, if not he is still the son of the brief Hand- but deny the path of royalty, instead fighting alongside a very pudgy character -Gimli/Sam- and a long haired archer -Legolas/Ygritte-. Their main enemy are hordes apon hordes of monsters that at some point come from the ground.

    I'm kind of hoping Gendry presses his claim on the Stormlands, wins it and gets legitimised as a son of the late Robert Baratheon, so he can continue the Baratheon line. I want Stannis to become the next Lord Commander of the Night's Watch after Jon. After all, I'm pretty sure House Baratheon is pretty much extinct now if you exclude Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen, who aren't even Robert's kids anyway. Joffrey is also dead and Myrcella is presumably dead because Jaime is too stupid to turn the ship around. Gendry deserves to inherit the Stormlands too - he's been rowing for too damn long.
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  7. Those of you posting here who enjoy either the show or the book should totally check out TellTale's Game of Thrones game. It's got 5/6 episodes released, and it will likely go on sale for dirt cheap for the Steam Winter sale. It uses the show's cast for the corresponding characters in the game, which is really cool. I highly recommend it.
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  8. I've been trying to get hold of it for a cheap price on my PS4. My mum watches the TV show and she's reading the first book, and she refuses to let me do either of those things (doesn't stop me from doing them, but I kind of think she knows I watch the show because I know more than the 'my friends told me' excuse allows for :p). I don't know if she'd let me play TellTale's game, even though it contains zero nudity and swears I hear everyday. It'd be nice to play it on a TV, force her to watch, and rub it in her face she was wrong :p
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  9. In the new season, I'm hoping to see Jon Snow come back, I think we all are, and may theories are plausible but for me, even after the many hours spent watching theories and poring over the book and show, I still find it to be a toss up.
    I second this, pretty much everything about it is awesome. The choices in even the first episode had me going, it's really worth playing.

    I'm personally excited to see Lady Stoneheart (which isn't confirmed, but she has to come in here some time, right?) and how she plays around. The series has been straying from the books more and more, but GRRM told D.B. and David the outcome of each character, so if someone is dead on the show, they're most likely dead in the books, or if they're alive in the books, they most likely weren't killed in the show, looking at you Stannis. I'm also excited (screw you, it'll happen, The Hound is alive) for CleganeBowl. Who wouldn't want to see two of the best swordsmen in Westeros duel?
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  10. Spoilers again lel
    The Greyjoys are coming back in Season 6, and I'm hoping they introduce Euron. I think Rickon will come back at the end of like, Season 7 or 8 as a badass Stark heir raised by Skagosi wildlings.

    Bran's actor also took a break from GoT to focus on his GCSEs (which I'm doing in a few months <3), if I recall correctly.
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