[GAME] Is the pic ugly? Pretty? Stupid?

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Im thinking of posting more games like im posting this one!


    1. First, comment a description of the picture above your post
    2. Then post a picture of an object (this can be a cartoon, animal, pokemon, pretty much anything)
    3. Someone will post a reply to yours and say what they think of the picture!

    Enjoy this game everyone!

    Ill start:
    222.jpg I hope the picture works (crosses fingers)

    If it doesn't, its a sheep :p
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  2. Ugly
  3. Is your picture pretty? no.
  4. Guys, after your description of the pic you need to post your own in the same message
  5. I will kick it off.
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  6. Atm i cant upload pictures because of technical problems but ill post what i think...
  7. Ugly
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  8. Can't reply right now for some reason... but that mini-figure is ugly
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  9. Guys, reply with your description and another picture or else this game will keep running into a dead end.
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  10. Don't know if that's family or not so um. Pretty
  11. It's not lol, the baby human is pretty in your standards I suppose
    :] *reply to demon cause my reply is broken right now*
    ninja'd by arceus!
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  12. Ugly

    Fight 7 Marlix's!.png
    Hows that for a pic :p
  13. I made that ages ago for my main account... Ive fought more since
  14. Is this a challenge... you don't know who this is... only a few know...
    (ALERT: I smell a flame war *pulls out flame thrower :p)
  15. You don't know who this is either :p (pulls out god sword)
  16. Anyway can we get back to subject and someone answer this one?

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  17. gets 6 sets of god armor, stack of god apples, potions and god sword.
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  18. Loading a picture? Ain't nobody got time for dat.
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