[Game / Giveaway] FREE Fantasy Sunday! Wk1 - 1m JP

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Ever Participated in Fantasy Sports?

Yes Football 2 vote(s) 22.2%
Yes Baseball 1 vote(s) 11.1%
Yes Other 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No But I've wanted to 3 vote(s) 33.3%
No and I've never wanted to 3 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. As a few of you know I'm currently working on quitting EMC however I have a TON of stuff to get rid of before I'm comfortable leaving (I don't want it just collecting dust) So I'm going to do this weekly contest until all my rupees / items are gone!

    Just a reminder this is completely FREE to join!

    How this works is you will predict 3 stats from 2 different NFL Games on Sunday!
    Week 1 there is a 1,000,000r Jackpot
    (Predict all 6 stats correctly)
    100,000r Guaranteed!
    (Be the one with the most right to get the prize)
    (100,000r to the person(s) with the most correct split evenly if multiple winners)
    The 2 Big Games for Sunday are the SF 49ers vs NO Saints and SEA Seahawks vs LA Rams!

    How this works You don't have to know much about the games just pick and choose your choices on the google form!

    You must put in a response before Saturday December 7th, 2019 at 11:59 PM

    Best of Luck to everyone that participates!
    :D *crosses fingers this all goes well* :D
  2. These are both big games that I hope go well
  3. I know this is stated in the form, but I just wanted to clarify. For the RB/WRs, I'm assuming yardage is counted as rushing for RBs and receiving for WRs instead of both?
  4. I added the option for "Other Rusher" or "Other Receiver" just in case a RB leads the game on Receiving Yards or a WR leads the game on Rushing Yards
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  5. Neat Giveaway, I'll be sure to fill out the form to enter.
  6. Gonna just *bump* this up to the tippity top! :rolleyes: Got 10 entries so far!
  7. i know absolutely nothing about the NFL but i gave it a try
  8. Well then... game one complete Saints vs 49ers! Drew Brees and Jimmy G tied in passing yards AND Mosterst and Murray tied in rushing! :eek: However E. Sanders had the most receiving yards! I will count if u voted for Jimmy G or Drew Brees (both winners) AND If you voted other SF and Other NO so at the moment I'm seeing whos got what right!
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  9. Smooshed_Potato 2/3
    BugsyWPfieiffer 2/3
    Elaeric 2/3
    These are your current Leaders who have guessed 2/3 correct! If it were to end right now they would split the 100,000r! (33,334r each)
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  10. Woah. I just picked the names I liked best cuz Idk sports
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  11. i didn’t expect that lol but nice 😁
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  12. When I chose "other Rams player" for most receiving yards I was expecting the leader to be Robert Woods, but hey, Higbee works too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  13. mfw has no idea how nfl works as a game
  14. Alright guys! The results are in! :rolleyes: With a score of 4/6 question and winning 100,000r JeffiGaming! He predicted all 3 question right for the Seahawks vs Rams!

    Sending over payment now! :D

    JeffiGaming 4/6
    Elaeric 3/6
    Smooshed_Potato 3/6
    MelleTheHundred 3/6
    MerRhyAndBright 3/6
    Lukas3226 2/6
    BugsyWPfieiffer 2/6
    belac555 2/6
    jewel_king 2/6
    SkeleTin007 2/6
    maxkobe1 2/6
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  15. Ah dang. Good job Jeffi :D

    Also nice effort to Elaeric, Potato, Melle, and Rhy.

    *why am I saying this... im not the host* :p
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  16. haha gg!
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  17. lmao good game Jeffi! I'm assuming you know a little bit more about oval ball than I do ;) :p
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