[GAME] [FREE] Chicken Soccer - Addictive, fun, and frustrating!

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  1. Chicken Soccer
    Addictive, fun, and frustrating, and involves a bird that you need to move! It's basically Flappy Bird for Minecraft.

    You can find the official Chicken Soccer arena at 2220 on smp1, directly to your right. We only have one arena so far, but I plan to create more!

    What Is This?
    Chicken Soccer is a game for 2-10 people that pits you in a competition to... push a chicken. That's right, a chicken will spawn, and you have to push it around an arena, trying to get it in the other team's goal. If it lights up, you win!

    How Do I Play?
    Visit 2220 on smp1, then walk directly to your right into the play field teleport. Pick a team, stand on that side, then press the button on the wall to spawn a chicken. Push it around, and try to get it into the other team's goal! Oh, and for defense: If there are 2 or more players on a team, they can stand on the pressure plates in the corner to push up a barrier: but they must remain immobile lest they drop the barrier by moving. (both players must stand on the plates for the barrier to push up)
    Once a team wins, kill the chicken and play again!

    Do not hit the ball. Chickens have only 4HP. (you can hit the ball once per game if it's stuck in a corner)
    Do not spawn more than one chicken per game.
    Do not interfere with others' games.
    Do kill the chicken after making a goal.
    Do push the ball around.

    Sound like fun? Come play! We're open 24/7 except for repairs, and you don't even need to have me there to play, since it's almost all automatic.
    Comments, suggestions, and recommendations? PM me ingame or leave it below, and I'll read and reply ASAP!

    <3 Thanks for reading my long, long post, and I hope you enjoy the game!
  2. Awesome!
  3. Sounds nice! How's Flappy Bird fun or frustrating though?
  4. Probably not fun, but certainly frustrating!
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  5. Maybe frustrating to see others fail at it, because it's actually very easy ;)
  6. Added an optional yellow team and redesigned the arena a bit! You may now play on 2 of the teams and ignore the other, or wage all-out war with 3 teams!
  7. Under construction. Will reopen 11/6/14 by 8PM, but possibly earlier!

    edit: reopened, please read post below

  8. Moved the Spawn Chicken button to a hole in the ceiling, above the Green goal.

    And I added a Green goal too, so now it's more fun than ever! You can even play multi-point games to determine the winners.

    Remember - you can play with just 2 goals if you wish - the extra, news ones are purely optional.

    And, of course, I've reopened the arena for play.
    Have fun! <3
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  9. Lance will have to try this!
    Its like Pong, or Warlords even!
    (who remembers these games anyways)
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