[Game] Death By Profile Pictures

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  1. If you were to die because of something to do with your profile picture, how would you die?

    I'll start:
    Cell (from DBZ) would absorb me to farm my power. 'nuff said.
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  2. Handsome Jack would brutally murder me.

    Nice man.
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  3. Getting stuck in a clock. Ouch.
    EDIT: That death would really 'tick' me off :p
  4. The other one is about your name I believe.
  5. Somewhat cute Link would murder me :O?!
  6. Ah.
  7. His mamma taught him to drive. Nuff said :D
  8. Those cute things eat me :)
  9. My face would blind me with a mix of colours.
  10. The scout convinces me that I am a bird.

    *From this video.*
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  11. I would be brutally kidnapped, and held hostage by evil teletubbies. They would keep me for days, forcing me to be in a costume to entertain their needs. I would eventually be killed by being attacked by them and their families after I failed to please them.
  12. I would die of carbohydrate overload from eating too much hashbrowns.........
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  13. I dun geddit. Your profile picture is your dog and you're talking about hash browns?
  14. Going to a Slipknot concert
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  15. I would be brutally killed with a lightsaber by Darth Maul.
  16. Truffle... That makes no sense with your profile picture.
  17. The awesome was too much for me.
  18. Try watching any red vs blue episode after ep 3 season 1
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  19. Earthquake knocks my china hutch over and crushes me...