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  1. In this game, you are the admin of your popular server...lets just say 10 thousand active. You decide what happens to your server...It can range to whatever you want to kicking to banning people to making your own rules... This is just a game for fun and i was bored at the time so. I will start it off

    In my imaginary server you cannot use a extreme amount of cobblestone which = a ban... 1,000 people have been banned which = 9,000 active.lol
  2. In my server, PvP is allowed, and all players may trade whatever and however they wish.
  3. Anyone with the username SYSTEM would be banned. #Revenge
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  4. My server has an interactive slavery plugin. Every person that gets banned, will be put up for sale for anyone who wishes to buy that player. If he is satisfied with the slaves work after X amount of days. The person will go up for a second trial, if banned again he'll be perma banned, if not, he'll return to normal player status (as he was when he first entered my server)
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  5. I will just let the server run it self! :p
  6. In my server, we've got:
    - A town system where players can build on a 60x60 (or 120x120 for those that donate) plot safely.
    - A Wilderness overworld, Nether, and access to The End
    - Awesome features like a way to transfer items between multiple servers, XP that doesn't get lost on death, etc.
    - A team of friendly and knowledgeable staff.

    ....well, I guess you see where this is going.
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  7. Wow that must be one cool server ^^
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  8. Democratically or through an anarchy?
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