[Game] Ban the Person Above You

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  1. The game is fairly simple.

    Banned for being a potato.
  2. cocoa1324: Banned for having Justin bieber's hair
  3. spidey329: Banned for not banning me.
  4. TomvanWijnen: Banned for supporting the Creeper nation by wearing a shirt relating to their species.
  5. AliceF3 banned for pokemon can't play minecraft
  6. ToriDesu: Permanently Banned: Cool hats are not allowed on EMC.
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  7. Banned: Person above who ninja'd me
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  8. Banned for being dead
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  9. Banned for stealing all dem pots of gold ;)
  10. Banned for having a _ in your name.
  11. ;( Alrighty then, banned for having numbers in your name!
  12. I'll do Champ4Now as he did the last real ban :p Banned for having an extremely random name, how did you get it and I know I have the most messed up name of them all :p
  13. Banned - felt like it, had nothing else to say.
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  14. xothis_dwarf banned for using the same smiley twice in one sentence.
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  15. Banned: You ninja'd me.
  16. banned: For not loving One Directon!
  17. banned for loving 1 direction
  18. snow_freak banned for having a contradicting name to avatar pic
  19. Thats not Jb hair though...

    Ark_warrior1: Banned for eating to many Pineapples
  20. I could live with that ban...
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